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    I got an F 2 horse that runs really good numbers in training but on the track she has no heart. she has ran 10 Races now all high end even some Q races. I can't even get her to win a maiden. I know some horses do this but my question is what do I do with her? Is there a chance after age change she will gain heart/ The numbers are there just when the gate opens she walks over in the field and eats grass,,,lol her name is Wcr Star Queen

    Here are some training numbers:
    Dirt fst 6.0f 22.39 45.31 1:08.71 Split=23.40 8&9F 1 1 1 1 Sutherland C(P) LV 118 st
    Dirt fst 4.0f 22.39 43.99 1 1 1 Sutherland C(P) LV 118 st
    Dirt fst 5.0f 22.43 45.09 57.87 1 1 1 1 Sutherland C(P) LV 118 st
    Dirt fst 7.0f 22.61 45.59 1:21.80 1 1 1 1 Sutherland C(P) LV 118 st
    Dirt fst 1m 22.63 45.60 1:35.69 1 1 1 1 Sutherland C(P) LV 118 st
    Dirt fst 1m 23.03 46.27 1:35.55 1 1 1 1 Sutherland C(S) LV 118 st
    Dirt fst 1m 23.04 46.28 1:35.48 1 1 1 1 Sutherland C(S) LV 118 st
    Dirt fst 1 1/8m 47.53 1:12.32 1:49.58 1 1 1 1 Sutherland C(S) LV 118 st
    Dirt fst 1 1/8m 46.77 1:11.45 1:49.47 1 1 1 1 Sutherland C(P) LV 118 st
    Dirt fst 1 1/4m 47.51 1:12.30 2:03.77 1 1 1 1 Sutherland C(S) LV 118 st
    Dirt fst 1 3/8m 47.47 1:12.30 2:18.57 1 1 1 1 Sutherland C(S) LV 118 st
    Dirt fst 1 3/8m 47.96 1:12.89 2:18.45 1 1 1 1 Sutherland C(R) LV 118 st
    Dirt fst 1 3/8m 48.03 1:12.99 2:18.44 1 1 1 1 Sutherland C(J) LV 118 st

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    I wouldn't consider myself an expert. But I just had a colt that was putting up times real close to what yours is running and I had to drop him down to 20k claimer to get a win. Now I wouldn't recommend that since you have this one qualified for the finals right now. To give you a little hope look at Lukara from Chrisman. This horse beat Miss Crackle when she was undefeated and I thought she would never lose at 11f, then I looked at her previous races and he has run her in a lot of high end races with her finishing middle of the pack. I guess with some horses everything just has to click for them to have their day. I would say keep plugging away and hopefully she will have one of those days and maybe build up some momentum after that.


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      Chances are she is not going to improve with age change...rarely happens. A couple months ago Orb and I had a conversation about ones we had that looked just like this one. I don't know what ultimately happened with Orb's but mine never did win a race. However, I liked his breeding so I wound up retiring him and he is showing some promise as a stallion.

      My only suggestion is based on what you feel about her breeding. If you like her as a broodmare prospect then keep her in non-claiming or high claiming company and race her sparingly (to save funds) or stop racing her until you can retire her for breeding. If she doesn't have the breeding you want to keep then drop her to find out if she can win anywhere and don't worry about losing her to a claim.


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        Try running this Horse at 9F on push in an allowance if it doesn't show anything drop it to claimers


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          This one is one of many that have these fast times. Only a small percentage become anything. Over population of fast horses has been a problem here at digital downs.

          When Lone says 1 to 2 are stake quality horses for the create horses. The same goes with bred horses. 1 or 2 out of 100 horses will be something special, the rest go to the glue factory .


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            You can try 9f on Push but I wouldn't hold my breath. Assuming the works you posted are the horse's fastest works at each distance...take note that the horse works fastest @ 1M on Steady but then at 9f works fastest on Push. I have found that horses like this who work fastest on Push at a longer distance than they do at a shorter distance seem to have a lack of heart issue and everything has to line up perfectly for them to run well. From time to time they run a big race but the rest of the time they frustrate you.


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              Thank You Ms, especially when you took the time to give me an example. i was headed the wrong way and and was going to keep her in the barn till age change, you made me rethink it. I have 76500K invested in her but never looked at her 4 3rd place winnings of 42569K so my loss is only 33931K. I can live with that now. Greeko like you, believes in momentum, he calls it morale and i have done it with a few lower end horses with success. But every time I go to enter her in a claimer I stop. Im going to take your advice and keep plugging away with her until she turns 4.

              I have one more question please, Her Sire and Dam are not very good with no SWs and low money wins, BUT here 2nd and 3rd generation are loaded with great horses and lots of SW wins. must be where she got her numbers from. My question is, if I race her and she never shows a win could she still inherit her 2nd and 3rd gen ability to produce good off spring. In short, could she still be a good breeder? thank you again. Tom WCR

              going to enter her in the TC Farms Stakes on the 26th


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                WOWWW Didnt see all these replies when I was righting to Ms Stables, Thanks guys some good stuff here for me to think about. Still going to try the TC Farms, but will look at what you said.