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  • Claimer 6500 Entry

    Don't remember ever seeing a 28500 claimer with a 6500 entry fee, is this correct? because a 28500 Stakes Maiden Claimer is only 4000 entry Fee?

    12-30-2017 07:20 12-29-2017 07:20 Dirt CAL 4 7f Dirt fst Claiming 0(0) 4500(BC)
    Starting Purse 4500 bonus credits, Claiming price 28500, 3yo and up colts that have never won 2 races, Wt 3yo 120lbs, older 122lbs, entry fee 6500

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    Those are Breakfast races and were made a little different for example some of the claimers have 2k added . The thought was if we could get 5-6 horses it might get better horses in with the added purse . Might entice some claiming as well . Its just an odd ball race . Thanks


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      Thanks for explaining Lone, it will create a bigger pot, but maybe should be for a higher claimer like 75K or 100K. trial & error is the only way to find out.


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        Kudos! Should be a TON more races with oddball Claim Tags and entry fees. THAT is how we get class distinction, racing variety, etc....without physically changing anything!

        EDIT - and oh by the way, WCR, I thought I recalled seeing a claiming $50K on the Yearling (soon to be Juvenile) race card for Jaanuary ,and I LOVE the claiming $50k races.....We occasionally saw some BIG purses, AND an occasional VERY VERY good horse getting claimed trying to sneak through to grab a $58k purse! THAT is racing at its best in my opinion - strategy, etc.....

        Great Race, and I hope that WE ALL hope to see more stuff like this!

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          I disagree Orb, I think the 50k claimer you are talking about has a 5500 entry fee and 4500BC, shotgun is 6500 entry with 8000K added $, A Div is 5500 entry with 4500BC and a chance to win a Stake race. With all these choices why would I spend 6500 on a 28500 claimer and a better chance of losing my horse?

          This change in entry fees has screwed up my way of entering races. when i see a horse that has won a couple 12000K claimers I usually just reenter it in another knowing what the fee was, now I have to double check all claimer fees before entering my horses, not only because of the amount changes, but because this will also change the class of horses being entered.

          This is only my opinion and method of placing my horses, in NO way am I saying its right or wrong but it worked for me.

          I would be very interested in knowing if the 28500 race I post above even went off. these type of races give a bigger pot but Im afraid they will not fill and will end up 3 horse cards, time will tell.

          I think if you want bigger pots, then make these races 75K and 100K races with 6500 or 7500k entry fees, these will fill with the best of the best. I know my 6500 will go on Div or other races. Again"" Just my opinion.