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  • Peaks and Troughs

    I don't know if this has been asked before but does anyone have any ideas about the peeks and troughs in this game. The reason i ask is that i have noticed that a horse will win two or three races then after that he cant even get into the frame for a while, then all of a sudden out of the blue he wins another two or three. I have started an experiment to see if i can see when they peek starts and then start to drop down. Early days yet..

    Any ideas..
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    Fresh horse usually always run well. I have noticed they will pop and then die. Yea they may win again but it usually coincides with a big class drop. The horses here are not designed to last. They are programmed to die to force more buying of horses. when I can afford it I break the season down into to halves. Because horses that are good at the beginning of the season are usually ready for retirement half way through the season so I breed more at the halfway point. Of course there are a few that don't but the majority do in my humble opinion.