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  • Qualifier Races Are Here!

    Tonight is a big night and the start of a long journey to the Finals. This is when we find out if our new horses can race the numbers they trained and if our older horses can still hold their ground. Its an exciting night and the reason we all are here. I wish each and everyone the best of luck.
    I wish the route (1 1/2) and Classics (1 1/8) had time between them to retrain and race if you find your horse is not a route and want to try the classic or have a horse that you think can run both. Just remember you will have 4 months to determine what class you will aim for come finals.
    Don't get discouraged if this first set of Qualifier's don't produce the wins you expected, there is plenty of time to breed the new champ like I did with Imperial Highness who made it to the finals with just one Qualifier win late season.

    So scream and holler get the wife to join you, and most of all Have Fun. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

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    Nice way to end the week-end. Congrats to Taylor and his two wins, King G with a nice win, Polaris nice win, Star Of The Deserts nice win And also Winning Ways win in the 4F Dash,

    To top it all off And More Racing Stable wins the big NFL Create race.

    I had a bad night with 6 straight losses, the only one that bothered me was Imperial Highness coming in last, my chin almost hit the floor. It was her first race this season after finishing last season with the Championship and then the breeders Cup. How did that horse hit a wall with only 6 races under her belt. Age change can be brutal I guess. Time to start breeding.


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      WCR, are any of your disappointed horses geldings? They tend to go south much faster as a general rule, but not always...... Focus on Breed bloodlines more than workout times, and you could extend shelf life AND have a potential great Breeder.....

      It took me 3 seasons to adjust, but now Gelding is a last resort to retiring or placing in low claimers

      Best of luck, I try to keep juvenile gelds under 25%

      (EDIT - I have 6 wins from ungelded colts with best 6f workouts between 1:08.92 and 1:09:08)

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        Yes they are Orb, I've been way to quick with the knife since the day I started here and I'm paying for it now. Seems after geld the horses will win the 1st or 2nd race then crash. I've lost some good potential breeders because of it. But Imperial Highness is a whole different story and I'm shocked to see her crash so early with only 6 races. I put her in the Q 1 1/8 to see if a change might bring her back.
        Your advice is very much appreciated as always and didn't fall on deaf ears. Thank You.