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2Year old Filly Route

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  • 2Year old Filly Route

    1...Elvira Prime... own N trained By The Great Chrisman...Inside post might be the key to this ones chances... Gomez aboard you never count out this combo..

    2....Ex Girlfriend... Breen N trained By Vegas Hustler Star Of The Desert... this filly as over 400k in earnings in 18 starts. her Form was off for a bit but seems to be rounding back into form... A change of jock IMO means Burk has something Big planed .. look for a big run from this one

    3... Theatrical Trained N owned By Orb farms Jock Change and a off the pace run just might get this one up in time

    4....Take Em To The Greek.... Breed trained By Greek The Man....Horse needs shorter IMO but Greek likes the relax Setting so you never know what he will steal from ya

    5....Indy 500 Owned By Pan the Man Panama Farms... Solid looking Filly Top jock gets the nod and if he can keep her off the lead this one will be tuff

    6...Wcr Star Queen....Trained by Winner Circle ranch... This one is still a maiden.. And Change of jock could help her... Needs to run off the pace for any cnahces

    7...Tiger Troll.... Trained By Chrisman.. Another Maiden that gets into the Finals with just 2 runs.. First out She was pushed inside for the lead the whole race.. Made need to settle this one in some where n try n stay close and bounce in the end.

    8....Taylorgottwoloans... Legend Breed TnT filly... This one looks to like the lead in routes. But from the 8 Hole T I think will try something different with her... looking For her to settle in some where n make a bid in lane

    9....Taryncanrunthemall... Tnt Getting Hung Outside with theses 2 outside wont hurt this ones chances if she can stay a little closer

    10....Lukara... Chrisman breed..... Needs to Start her move sooner to get within reach of the leaders

    11....Imperial Highness.Trained n Raced by WCR.... nicely Breed filly out of All In Shove/Hotspurs Gets in with just 2 races...Slow pace and u will see this one flying in the lane

    12...Miss Crackle... Owned Breed N trained By the Mighty Ms Stables....Breed mid seasom miss was a force to reckon with.. off form a bit but the outside will play a big actor here... right jock set up might mean a Big pay Check for Ms........

    2 Ex Girlfriend gets the nod from me to win this race
    5 Indy 500 Will push Ex Girlfriend could get the win
    11..Imperial Highness
    3.. Theatrical
    The King Has Spoken

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    Well mine can't win trying to drag King G'S big keester over the finish line, probably should scratch her now, BUT I WON'T, lol.


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      Sorry Not Very Exciting and I didn't get the others out.. When I ask to do this I didn't realize they where 2 days away... next ones will have a little more zip in them I hope after rereading theses.. unless someone wants to take it on you are more then welcome to.. G
      The King Has Spoken


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        G, You did a great job, I enjoyed reading them and i think everyone will agree. Stop being so hard on yourself man. nice work, keep it up