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    From time to time you may see that there are offers for a free create code either on one of the social media platforms or in an email from the site.
    First just want to remind you to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter to take advantage of the codes.
    Also make sure you are signed up for our newsletter. Make sure to check your spam folder or promotions as that's where it usually goes.
    If there is a free code there should be instructions usually mail me here on the forum. Please don't reply to the email address as I never look at it and it would probably be overlooked as well in the fantasydowns email address.
    Also dont run to your spam folder now and say hey you said I could get a free code 2 months

    The point of this message is if you do message me and I dont respond make sure to yell at me on here as apparently I misssed one at the first of the year and it was brought to my attention today.

    Thanks and keep your eyes open
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