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Good to be back.....SLLLLLOWLY

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  • Good to be back.....SLLLLLOWLY

    After suffering a broken toe, 3 MORE broken ribs in my chest, bruised lung, and fluid in my aorta, and a fractured wrist shortly before I got down to my vacation in Rancho Viejo Country Club in Texas, I got hit T-Boned within 60 feet of my Denver Town home......just days before my departure....Recovering well, on many levels.....Feeling like a "regular guy". The man upstairs said it was not my time, despite a horrendous T-Bone when I had a green left turn arrow, got hit at 55-60 MPH...... I don't regret it - I thank my lord for my divorce, and for him putting my two boys in my ex wife's house at that specific moment.

    .......persective is everything. I walked away........ok, I "ambulanced away" LOL......but I am alive!

    I first set aside 2 hours a day for my orb pity party, crying buckets, feeling sorry for myself......Today, 8-9 days later, I lay in the same area of this vacation home, and I say "I look forward, no more pity party you son of a bi$%h"

    Inspire others; see your family lots; donate; CRY when you must; give more than you take.

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    - Orb Farms

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    Glad you are okay Orb or atleast healing welcome back...
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      I might look more like Gollum from Lord of the Rings in my inside wrists, right foot, and chest, but my boyish good looks rival that of international superstar Christiano Ronaldo LMAO!

      I needed to laugh.....Probably first laugh in 2 weeks?

      I will spare you the photos of my injuries, and the passenger door peeled over the stickshift and E-brake....they could not slow my car to secure it LOL

      Airbags broke my ribs, injured my lung and heart, but kept me alive.....

      - Orb Farms


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        Welcome Back. Hope you a speedy recovery and glad the Lord was watching over you and your boys. Good Luck on the Track.
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          Welcome back my friend. Perspective is an amazing thing. It can make or break you. Glad to see yours is upbeat. Not always easy to do when faced with difficult circumstances. Welcome back and let me know if I can help your transition back in any way.


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            Sorry for your accident. See you're on your way back. If you can get a laugh or two in, it's usually a good sign. Life is something! We could have lost you. I could have lost a friend. Really glad you can post and have turned the corner.
            Cheers and get better soon.


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              Wish you all the best bud,keep your head up life too short


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                Thanks all......As soon as i can get my subscription active, I have a few to run

                - Orb Farms