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  • Closing up shop

    Hi Everyone

    I'm closing up shop and need to sell ASAP

    All my breeders are available for sale as a package... I have just over 250 breeders.

    Make an offer for my whole breeding barn and make sure to include the fee Digital Downs will take for the transaction. My active Horses I have can be had for free as part of the package, I don't many of them as I took a back seat this season.

    My breeders still have value and I'm willing to accept below value to make the transaction happen.


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    Hit me up...I need to build up a stable


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      IM sorry to see that . Hopefully you haven't given up on site . You have been a big part of it since you arrived .


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        John...say it ain't so...April Fools Day is still months away you know?

        If you are serious I sure hate to see you go. You will be missed.


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          Welcome Killadelphia. Dont be afraid to ask questions.

          (Also before anyone asks. I've checked ip addresses and made sure this isnt Tocky though from Philadelphia as the stable name suggests )

          edit I was wrong please see related post on poll.
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          Brian Ta Das...


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            I'm also sad to see you leave too, John as you have been a big influence on the site. Hopefully it will only be a temporary move.
            As far as Toc is concernef, I welcome back the formidable opponent. If Lone says that he won't have access to the back end info, then I have no issue with the return. I also believe Toc will run a legitimate stable albeit an aggressive one. Who knows the comeback may inspire other previous high caliber players back to the community.

            "There's a fine line between winning and losing... it's called The Finish Line"


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              Thanks guys. I have a lot going on in my personal life.

              Change of plans ... I was convinced to just take a break and return at some point. I'll be back probably will take one or two seasons off.


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                How fitting I'm taking a break and Tock is coming back! Hopefully he sticks around when I come back.

                In the mean time I'll be posting some untried - unbred breeders for cheap. Check out the Breeders for sales page.