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  • People are funny

    People that are saying Im recruiting players to another racing site can shut up because that's a lie.

    I had a conversation with 2 members here about some other racing site but for me to go out of my way to recruit players is Bull Crap.

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      Take a step back, calm deep breath.....Move forward....You know you did not do the above, but it will not further your case here on the forums...

      We need you here, and your reputation as a dedicated and passionate trainer speaks for itself....Not everyone loves everyone, that goes for every walk of life.

      ....But no one can say you do not bring passion, generosity, and knowledge...something "extra" to this game and to this site.

      Hit the mental reset button, cool off, and step away from the laptop for a few hours... All will be well sir!

      [EDIT] You read my mind

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        Why would anyone recruit for another site? This is the best one there is.
        ** at 21:06, Brian joined the Lobby...
        Brian Ta Das...