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Meters - Question for all, especially the "Norms", "Eddies", "Tocs", etc....

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  • Meters - Question for all, especially the "Norms", "Eddies", "Tocs", etc....

    This is the time of year where horses get their requisite 1 3/8 LPG, and naturally, the meters go 100 95 96 95 97

    ....Typically, I will allow ONE meter to be in the 95/96 range, but when 2/3 of the horses get multiple 95 and 96's, it in no-way motivates me to do anything but re-train them and wait, and do other things off the site...

    I was wondering if there is any discussion of doing something to at least get the meters up quicker, or better, or something that promotes the idea of racing more often.

    I know we cannot race them every day, but I already have 30% (not exaggerating) of my horses who now will have to finish a SECOND round of jacked up meters, rest, and try a 3rd time.

    Again, this does not motivate me to spend more money while waiting for the silly meters to improve....It turns me off, shortens my stay on the website, and I am off to do other things.

    I think we can have a discussion about it at least.....I know last time, the vote was shot down to get a meter reset per season.....I was lobbying for THREE per season.and now I have a better idea:

    I believe we should get 3 meter resets per horse, per season, as follows:


    1. When you click on a horse, you can opt to purchase a 3-pack of meter resets (or 2, or 1, or 5....whatever the site decides, not important), but 3 is a good seasonal number...
    2. The cost should be $5k for a "3-pack" per season...(Again, admin and the site can discuss the cost and number for the pack of resets)
    3. Reset meter money goes into a general pool, with 25% going to Admin, and 75% going into the Final purse of the Championship race Finals
    4. Meter resets can even be provisioned such that they are not allowed during finals week, if the site so chooses (or it could cost 2, or whatever)
    5. Let's do some math.
    - Let's assume 400 horses pay the $5k, that is $2000 per season.
    - $500k extra to admin (25% of $2000), and $1500k is about an extra $100k per Finals
    6. Indirectly, one can safely assume that this will also propagate more racing, deeper race fields, more runners, so let's quantify it on an estimate:
    - Let's assume this adds an additional 800 runners (400 purchases used 3x, and this added an extra 2 races per purchases, per season)
    - Admin gains $200 (.20 Cents x 800) = an extra $160k per season in jockey fees.
    - Purses increase on those 800 additional runs by an estimated aggregate $1.6 Million dollars in purses, or $1600 in extra cash thrown around
    7. Of the added $1500k to finals winners, perhaps 90% goes back into breeding and creating more horses, nominating, etc..!

    ....Anyway, Food for thought..... To take the Project Manager aspect a step further, let's finalize a cost-benefit analysis:

    - Up-Front cost for IT to create & code: $1000.00 US
    - First Year Admin ROI: $660.00 US
    - Time to Reach Break-Even Point: 1.5 seasons, or 6 calendar months
    - ROI after one Calendar Year: +$320.00 US
    - ROI after two Calendar Years: +$800.00 US (Forecasting nominal growth, considering volatility, etc..)
    - ROI after Three Calendar Year: +$1350.00 US (Same)

    Thoughts Community and Admin?

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