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    Been awhile since I last played (2016). Gonna build stable back up, hopefully playing full time by the end of the month.
    Bred a nice one this morning with my older bloodstock, offering up all sires for free to anyone who wants to take a shot.
    All sires capped at 5 breeds
    You can only have 1 per horse, but one of as many as you like.
    All sires listed below, let know who you want. First come , first served
    Bilbo Baggins
    Bloody Beast
    Cc Ladybug Prayer
    Dr Prepper
    Go Hank Go
    Jack of Hearts
    Magic Nick
    Mill R Light
    The Devils Dance
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    welcome back I just recently came back myself from 3 years off. a few new wrinkles but still the same game to me. GL!
    Midwest Racing


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      Thanks. 2 for 2 so far, I've got a better handle on it this time around (12% career WP) I hope.
      Good luck


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        I guess some things have changed here. You can't reserve breeds for free to other stables? And private reserves charge $1?