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    Okay you three,...a little advice and help...MATTHEW, i know you have a backlog of horses that you bred a number of calendar years ago ( your stallion Speed Street and co.), and i have watched you race them in the last day or so.I dont think there is a any nice way of putting it i will give it to you straight. Get rid of them all Matt!...i know you very well on a personal scale, you having once worked for me in the real world, so i know you wont be offended. Those horses wont make the grade. Speed Street will still produce some nice foals, so breed a few yearlings with him because you can race them from January 1st, but all your horses that you have over 7/8 years old are just going to cost you you could put into your good stud. I see a couple of tidy horses in your shed..."Nurse On The Go" is the one i like....It is very close to the end of the current season...and you dont want to carry that very old stock you have into next season. If you want some handy horses to start the next season, dont be shy to ask. Greeko Holdem, Orb stables, myself and many other stables are only to willing to help with looking to get rid of at least 20 or so horses from my barn before yell out if you want a few. But in a not take the old stock with you any further.

    BRANDON and CHELSEA....i will send you a message about workout times and where to place them at some point today. in the meantime i have put a couple of horses on the for sale page for both of both have a 6/7 furlong horse..and you both have a 8f plus horse. Study the 6f workout times of both horses..look at how fast they go in the first 400m (its a great guide to how much speed they possess)...and perhaps more importantly pay very close attention to the last 400m ( it will tell you all about how much stamina they have at the business end of their races)..of course, if they get caught 3 and 4 wide during races it virtually cancels out everything unless they have great amounts of heart...and not many do!