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Congrats Greeko on a possibly "Unprecedented" Final 6 Weeks of Season 38

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  • Congrats Greeko on a possibly "Unprecedented" Final 6 Weeks of Season 38


    Congrats on a possibly "Unprecedented" Final 6 Weeks of Season 38....... Based on what I calculate, and I admittedly have NOT done the numbers as thoroughly as I do now for my ENTIRE career.........but you have succeeded in a NICE winning percentage in this biggest races over the last 6-8 weeks...

    But ----> ESPECIALLY your earnings, or R.O.I. (return on investment/profit) from early November through today is spectacular! No one is in the same Stratosphere as you,in terms of BIG RACE earnings over this time period, and it is a testament to your breeding, analysis,and race placement.

    Congrats on what I calculate as an "off the charts" run by the Greek to close out this season, whether it be via winning, or grabbing NICE "place-money", you have enjoyed tremendous success, and I commend you for doing it while still "giving back" with contests, offerings, etc....

    It's going to be VERY difficult for owners to replicate your earnings success in this roughly 45-50 Day stretch!


    Merry Xmas from Orb Farms,

    - Orb Farms

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    Thanks for taking notice of my achievements lately.

    ​This game can be frustrating and challenging, but with good placement and knowing when to step up a horse in class or drop in class is the key to the morale and heart meter that we can't see.

    I can't stress enough of how important the heart / morale meter is in the game and is key to giving your horse the chance to win. Some don't believe in it but its proven in my books and some others.

    Breeding also plays a huge role in finding champs. We all have our techniques and that why this game is so fun to me. Its truly been a great ride since joining in season 34.

    Good Luck and Merry Christmas Orb