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  • Las Vegas Meet Up

    Im tentatively planning a trip to Las Vegas next March with family. Will be there the 11-17th. Meet ups have taken place before at Churchill downs. Thought I'd toss it out there if any members of the community wanted to meet up out there for a day or two. Maybe we can all go down to Fremont Street and see King G dancing in his G String. lol. No guarantees yet. Since money is tight but I'm going to do my best. Just something to think about.
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    Brian Ta Das...

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    Hell I can Post a Video of me dancing in my G String If you want.. But Beware don't let your wifes or G/F watch they might leave you...LMFAO
    The King Has Spoken


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      I have heard of this show "Suck d'Soleil"
      "There's a fine line between winning and losing... it's called The Finish Line"


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        MMM Sorry Norm but once again you are very mistaken. But No Worries someday you might be right... But don't bet on it. Vegas Odds or 100 to 1 against
        The King Has Spoken


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          Damn had me until you gave me the image of G in a G...
          Actually, I live in Vegas so if you do come let me know and we can meet up


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            I'll be there if it comes to fruition, it's just a 90 minute flight from North of Denver here in Lafayette, CO.

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