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Time Flies - It's my oldest son's 11th Birthday today

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  • Time Flies - It's my oldest son's 11th Birthday today

    Those of you who have children and grandchildren......TIME FLIES! It's my older boys' 11th birthday today, and he still seems like a baby.........My oh my how time flies...... We have to somehow cherish the memories, because father time moves through us so quickly!

    Happy Birthday Kian, my 10 year old who will soon be 11 (5 hours).....

    - Orb Farms

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    Hope Kian has a great day Orb... good luck!


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      Tell him Happy Bday! I have 3 ages 14,5,4. My oldest is a Freshman in high school and my 5 year old just started kindergarten. Hope yall both have a great day. Enjoy these years because once they hit high school they won't want anything to do with you.

      Except money they do still want your money


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        Tell him Happy Birthday from the desert. I have 4 grand nephews living with me ages 8 to 13, all boys, and it like a plague of locusts when there is any food around, lol. Love them dearly and they have taught me a lot about life. Never thought at 63 I would be a "dad" but we do what we can for family.


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          Do you all sometimes feel like you just took your oldest one home from the nursery section of the hospital LAST NIGHT? That is how I feel! ELEVEN years later, Kian is into programming, animation, and now wants a $1500 license ($900 license/software+ $750 class) and program to learn SQL....... WOW.......When I was eleven, I was paying hide and seek 2-3 neighborhoods away, and my mom would scream "BOYZZZZZZ??????" as loud a she could, to corral us in just after dark.....LOL

          Time flies......and my younger son Kolton turns Six in 2 months......

          .....Thanks to all of you for your kind words.......This community may or may not debate as to whether they admit it, but this is a social community AND a racing venue, and I often get confused as to which one we value MORE.

          .....That is MOST CERTAINLY not a bad thing..It's a MARVEL!

          ....In fact, it brings tears to my eyes - as a man - that so many people have such faith and high regard to hold responsibility as our brothers' keepers.

          As I told Lone, this site is truly a TREAT for those of us in it.......If ANYONE knows ANYONE who might want to join, EVEN as a 5-stable outfit, let them know that they cannot IMAGINE the "EXTRAS" that come with being an owner here.....I'll stop here before it becomes a positive emotional train wreck.......but our members are by and large sincere, and you just don't get that on about 99.8% of communities online out there at large.

          THANK YOU everyone.....I let Kian read the posts, and he was ALL SMILES, ear to ear, just to see his name and mention of him.

          Good luck everyone.....Pay it forward seems to be the motto here, and I, like all of you, try to do my part......It's the DNA we have created, and it's called Digital Downs.

          - Orb Farms


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            Best wishes and happy birthday to Kian!!!