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  • 2 Year Old Handicapping Book

    For those that followed last year, I have access to legit rating information about horses that went to or are going to auction this year. These 2 year olds are rated by a TOP horseman who sells his rating to auction purchasers. I use this for handicapping purposes and have done very very well.

    Last year many of you saw picks of mine (some of which I disclosed for all to use before the races) hit for huge numbers. These ratings are most effective 1st and 2nd time out as the vast majority of the betting public, and the track oddsmen, do not have the information to properly assess these early runners.

    This year the price for the information has doubled, and I am looking for one person to split the cost with myself and my business partner. Please message me if you have any interest. I would prefer, if you do, that you connect with me via facebook as there is some level of trust that goes into sharing this info with someone. I will be more than willing to go over all the information and answer any questions via that avenue with you.

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