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  • the baffert box!

    tiz the law got mauled, dirt in face, boxed at times, and the winner of the derby came to run and was impressive, but watch how tiz,s jock and the horse never could get comfortable, when baffert has more then 1 horse in a race his tactics are ruthless!

  • #2 must have watched a different Derby than I did (or you didn't watch it at all)...

    1) Bafferts 2nd horse was scratched so he didn't have a second horse for ruthless tactics
    2) Tiz The Law broke cleanly and was not mauled or even touched by any other horse
    3) Tiz the law was clear in 4th 3-wide around the track so was never boxed or had dirt in his face

    So...the only flaw with your analysis is...well...everything
    Tiz The Law simply wasn't good enough on that day
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      you dont have to touch a horse to cause disccomfort! sand in the face does the trick, if your not used to it and i just caught the start, had no idea his was scratched! thought the bay horse on the inside was bafferts, sorry i saw tiz getting a face full of dirt from the grey as well! its the derby no holds barred, and it lookes like to me the riders were keeping tiz boxed as long as they could, the winner wired em from the outside post gotta give him that!and you can say all you want to tiz never was comfortable and his jock was to late on the trigger, plus i saw something else tiz,z stride looked off! not fluid, seemed to be off! well i hope he dont scratch in the preakness and those two give another strech dual there as well, but i bet tiz passes! love talking horses


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        your full of crap! the grey threw dirt in his face for panal or two! tiz never got his usual clear run from the cat bird seat! but since you have never put in the blood sweat and tears to win a race , you just analize1 how many races have you watched tiz run? then you should know his running style! you can have office credentials out the ass, but that dont make you a horseman, just a jerk that over analizes and critiques i do agree on one thing with you, horse to horse tiz isnt as good as achievement! ( isnt achievement one of the horses bafffert got a bad test on in the arkansas derby? ) lidocain? if my memory serves right that a block for pain! well each state has different levels! ky is a tolerent state! ok enough of this i havent been in here much today and as i was setteling in for the evening i got a terrible ph call, my neighbor and great friend 2 yr old son just fell in a stock pond and drownedhis little boy loved my kids, we called him cowboy! i was just gonna try to come in here and relax for a minute and try and chill out before i go over to bb,s house! and i see your narcsisistic ass playing your same old crap! in the future MORE please dont address me or my post, your a trol and youthink your such a voice! i come in here to talk to people i like and would like to meet! so leave me alone trol or il expose you for the little crappy toad that you are!! i remember you!!! you like to think of yourself as THE expert! what a joke! yes i do remember you!! anyway i have a true friend in need and im outta here! and you can spell check and correct my grammar while your at it asshole!!!! sorry dd but this guy is a jerk! suprised the wanna be know it al is still here!!


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          I am sorry to hear about your friends child that is awful so I'm not going to argue with you. Besides anyone who has watched the race knows without me telling them that your account of the race is fiction.