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    Stable Standings: W/P/S

    Greeko 2/0/0
    Foggydan 0/1/0
    Beastmode 1/0/2
    TNT 0/0/0
    Chrisman 1/1/0
    Winning Ways 0/0/0
    MS Stable 0/2/0
    Trunoble 0/0/1
    Pancho 0/0/0
    Polaris 0/0/1
    Donovan 0/0/0

    Jockey Standings: W/P/S

    Leparoux 1/0/0
    Castro 0/1/1
    Pham 1/0/1
    Bravo 1/1/0
    Oliver 0/0/1
    Talamo 1/0/0
    Celaya 0/1/0
    Morrison 0/1/0
    Rosario 0/0/1
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    I really like this idea . there are some hidden gems in the jockey room. We would like to add something to prize pool and we appreciate the time you would put in . Thanks and Good Luck



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      I would like to set it up for every Monday but I am not able to create races


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        Count me in. Love the idea.
        *Donovan Stables*
        Operating out of Ohio, to breed the next D/D Champ!


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          I like this idea too. But I have a feeling when you pick a lower ranked jockey and you dont get that jockey you might end up with a better jockey in the standings and not everyone is in front of the computer to make the changes needed etc. Kinda hard to enforce.

          What if we get 12 stables to commit and we draw the 12 jockeys in bottom of the standings. 3 races can run each week.


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            I agree Greeko it will be hard to enforce. I can do my best but if they do it won't hurt anything. The point will be to get some wins in for some other jockeys and see if we can't get some more getting used more frequently. That is also why I want to do a lot of races so we can get some confidence in some other riders and also find out a little more about them.

            This also will give a platform to run some low level horses or ones that have been sitting in the barn. It also will give some races once a week that cover all ages and sexes for some trainers to run some horses they might be trying to get to the breed limit.

            I am hoping it will police itself in the grade of horses run being that the most you could win is 3k but I will also watch how many horses are entered and maybe enter ones that will make the races split, you could probably keep it to where the best payouts are 1750 or so.

            Maybe we can not count wins toward the end of season if you run with a top 20 horse or something.


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              Password the race with the understanding in the rules that I can change jock to a random jock at the bottom of the list. Just remind me I dont mind to get on and update jocks if needed.
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                Do is this going to take place?
                *Donovan Stables*
                Operating out of Ohio, to breed the next D/D Champ!


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                  I don't think I can create races. When I try it sends me to the main page.


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                    I will turn on the TCR option for your stable . Might be tomorrow ,but will get it done . thanks


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                      Sounds good I will try to set something up for Monday. I will probably message you and CDS if I have some questions or concerns as I know there has been trouble with the tcr in the past.


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                        you should be able to add now . Thanks MS


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                          Alright gonna give this a go

                          Sorry for taking so long to set it up. I was going to run these on Mondays but might just have to run them now and then being as how the create a race will only let me post them within 24 hours.

                          So for the first round we have all 6f dirt races at Cal. Could only set minimum entry at 1500. 2yo and 3yo separated by sex, it wouldn't let me run just a 2yo colt only race so if you want to enter fillies in that race you may.

                          Basically the only rule is you have to use a Jockey that was not in the top 20 of the jockey standings last season. You may also use the 2 new jockeys.

                          Passsword is Jockey with a capital J


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                            only problem might be if people pick the same bad jock then the computer will give them the best jock and there will not be time to switch if not on line when race closes. But I am putting one in.


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                              I closed the races 2 hours early so we can try to change them if they do. If not it won't be that big of a deal. I guess the default jocks need wins too