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  • Attention please !!!!!


    You really need to get this improved. When u look at the horse's race form the abbreviation for the type of race run is so generic that it really and I mean really kills the excitement and pride of racing. Example

    Breeders Cup Juvenile G1 = Alw

    This goes on and on. You seriously under estimate the impact of the finer details that draw attention to the racing here. This also adds value. Let me check a horse form...Holy cow this horse won the Getting Lucky G1 the Breeders Cup G1 the Kentucky Derby etc etc etc.

    This also carries over to breeding and the race form to potential buyers.

    This is a simple coding update. All races have a description...a box below needs to be added for manual race abbreviation based on the description. Very similar to how the coding works for DDQ and other base races like allowance and opens. one has responded in over a week to my post below this one on technical issues. Again these are simple coding tweaks.

    Horse notes should be on top
    All "view all" functionality should take you to the top not the bottom
    Race entry is too long of a process...should be able to click race and all qualified horses appear
    Ideally the horses race record shoudl appear on main stable pages without clicking into the horse
    Monthly subscription is a complete waste of time and a massive deterrent to new members. Like seriously get rid of this nuisance which is purely a credit grab. We spend enough on shoes. This can not be argued or under estimated. Think this through.

    Lets knock this stuff out please. New season coming..we need to entice new members and build excitement.
    Tockyocky Racing
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    Totally agree with Tockyocky here.


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      I agree with the abbreviations. I would like to see more than TCR or Alw when I look at my horse race history.
      I don't use the notes much so I would rather it be on the bottom. I think the layout for entering races works well. I have found the view all sometimes sends you to the bottom and sometime just opens the window with you still at the top, not sure why.
      I like the idea of the record and more info showing on stable page. But I also don't because it is already very busy and sometimes I don't have much time to jump on and I need it to show the meters so I know who to train.
      I would agree with the monthly subscription but at the same time you get 10k bonus for every 100 races so essentially if you run 300 races in a season it will pay for your next 3 months plus some.

      The only complaints I can add is I still can't save my default jockeys if I am using IOS. On my phone and Macbook it is tedious entering horses. Also I use my phone to log in a lot and it still does not display very well it takes a while to go through my horses races. As far as the gameplay I enjoy it and I think the fairness of the races, i.e. gate preference has gotten a lot better since I joined.

      As for keeping new players I think it would be great to offer some free breeds as well as the free creates. We need to get new stables further into the game from the start. Othe stables always offer new stables breeds to horses in their barn, but it cost a pretty penny to breed even with the breeders being free. I am sure if you offered 3 or 4 free breeds you wouldn't have any problem with stables offering free horses to the new stables for them to breed. Good horses to as I think we all would love to see a new stable winning some races as that is what keeps them coming back.

      Greeko always said free races was the key and I agree with this 100%. Now that the site isn't taking a cut from the races anyways it makes no sense to not have free races. Have a few for each time racing period, morning, afternoon and night. Maybe even make them close an hour before the race so players can enter then watch in one night. Even with the stable that are here running in them you won't lose and it also would give them races to run a lot of these unwanted horses, I have tons.