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Yesterday's News

Category 3: Big Days for jockeys or trainers
Taylorandtaryn wins 5 races in a day! Taylorandtaryn sent 19 horses to post today and earned 5 wins, 4 places, and 2 shows
Taylorandtaryn shows its class today earning 132946 and winning 5 races in 19 Starts
Pancho Racing Stables wins 5 races in a day! Pancho Racing Stables sent 26 horses to post today and earned 5 wins, 7 places, and 7 shows
Pancho Racing Stables shows its class today earning 131806 and winning 5 races in 26 Starts
Kingston Town wins 9 races in a day! Kingston Town sent 26 horses to post today and earned 9 wins, 3 places, and 3 shows
Ortiz I. Jr is on fire! Ortiz I. Jr rode 27 horses today, crossing the line first 7 times
Ortiz J. L is on fire! Ortiz J. L rode 25 horses today, crossing the line first 9 times

Category 4: Streaks
Today's win in the 3rd race made it 3 wins in a row for Mystery Create of Kingston Town
Today's win in the 8th race made it 3 wins in a row for Brianreturnedhome of Taylorandtaryn
Today's win in the 25th race made it 3 wins in a row for Thewinnerisspokenfor of Taylorandtaryn
Can Pushy Princess be stopped? Make it 4 in a row for the star from Runaway Stable
Taylorandtaryn consistently sending winners. For the 5th consecutive day, Taylorandtaryn sees at least three of its ponies in the winner's circle.
Pancho Racing Stables consistently sending winners. For the 8th consecutive day, Pancho Racing Stables sees at least three of its ponies in the winner's circle.
Kingston Town consistently sending winners. For the 9th consecutive day, Kingston Town sees at least three of its ponies in the winner's circle.

Category 5: Back on the Radar
Bataan Death March reappears. After a drought of 107 days, Bataan Death March finds himself back in the winner's circle

Section 2: Yesterday's Winners

StableWinsHorse NameA/SClassDistTimeSpd
Pancho Racing Stables6
Hypo Breeze2FfMdSpWt6f1:08.5698
Raise 2 The Occasion2CfOpenAlw7f1:21.6398
Speed Wagon2FfClm60007f1:21.8197
Finger Paints3GfClm60007f1:21.9296
Shaire Delight2GfClm120007f1:21.8996
Hypo Blew2GClm10001m1:35.4996
Kingston Town6
Show Something3GfClm120007f1:21.3899
Donkey Bird2FfClm10001m1:35.4996
Norm Nevsky2GClm10001m1:35.5796
Lucky One3GfClm30001 1/4m2:03.7695
Peppa Speed3FDDSQ4f43.5999
Pleasant Surprise4FRCSQ6f1:08.3098
Afleet Crusher3CfAlw5f57.6298
Khitomer Accords2CfAlw7f1:21.3097
Foggydan Farms3
Breach Of Trust5GfClm50006f1:08.5898
Sallys Icepick3FfOpenAlw6f1:08.6497
She Has No Clue2FfMdSpWt1 1/8m1:49.5195
Greeko Holdem1
Jumbo Job3CDDSQ6f1:08.2198
Flip Farms1
Trunoble Lodge1
Worsley Road Farms1
Silver Belles2FfOClm100001 1/8m1:48.8598
Star Of The Desert1
Maybe Billie3FfOClm100001 1/8m1:49.4296
My Two Sons Stable1
Premier Star3CfAlw5f57.5698

Section 3 - Breeding Activity

Horse NameSireDamStableFirst Workout Time
Ashes By GhostMr MollassesBrighter WhiteGalloping Ghost1:09.37
Baby Duck QuackFair ZoneCase Of Baby DuckGreeko Holdem1:09.22
Go Tootsie GoToot Toot TootsieWhite PredatorStar Of The Desert1:09.34
Manny MissionBig GreekWoman On A MissionGreeko Holdem1:09.40
Miss GhostPancho And LeftyMiss InvasionGalloping Ghost1:09.35
Questionable TacoTaco And GuacamoleTwenty QuestionsTrunoble Lodge1:09.07
Uncertain-Created--Created-Star Of The Desert1:09.23
Unnamed62426Nb Lil Green HammerSpeedy Lil DoeWinning4201:09.43
Unnamed62430Man With PotentialWe ShaireStar Of The Desert1:09.40
Unnamed62431Silver StonesInk SpotStar Of The Desert1:09.40
Unnamed62432Man With PotentialAngelwithhorseshoesStar Of The Desert1:09.23
Unnamed62435Edward The ConfessorBrighter WhiteGalloping Ghost1:09.32
Unnamed62436UnderdogBrighter WhiteGalloping Ghost1:09.27

Section 4 - Gone From the Track

Horse NameSexW/P/SEarnings
Alabama Slam2G1/1/026500
Careless Hammer12M5/9/587980
Electric Beard3C0/1/17600
Evil Monster17M6/4/682327
Fair Time2F0/0/00
Giza River10M3/2/222613
Manny Mission2G0/0/00
Mudslide Diplomatic19M4/7/345079
Really Smart6G10/8/4453746
Rose Mightbe Thorny11M2/8/892016
Snug As A Bug3C0/0/00
Substitute Flyer4C1/2/567306
The Girls A Champ15M3/2/317616
Trolling The Web5M2/1/115788
We Shaire4F1/1/416202

Section 5 - Did You Know?

Last week's top fee-generating sire:
1Family DoctorMetropolitan Stables7000

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