Training & Working Your Virtual Horse

How to train your virtual race horse

This set up below will give the largest gain in meters for your virtual horse. Refer to the Quick Start Virtual Racing Guide for more detailed training techniques for your virtual horse and smaller meter movements. Once meters reach 95 or above they will not move any higher and you will need to either race the horse or work the horse to flip the horse's meters.

Refer to the quick start guide in the site help tab for further guidelines on virtual horse training techniques

Set the default horse training parameters
3d horse training

Set up your default virtual horse training parameters like the image to the left. Race track surfaces and race track locations will not make a difference in the training but the distance and instructions given will.

Unraced horses have unlimited training ability until they race for the first time. For this reason we recommend training at every distance and every instruction just to learn what makes a meter move and by how much.

Setting the default horse workout parameters
virtual horse workout

Set up your default virtual horse workout parameters like the image to the left. Race track surfaces and race track locations will make a difference in the virtual horse workouts as will the distance and instructions.

Unraced horses have unlimited workout ability until they race for the first time. For this reason we recommend working at every distance and every instruction to learm the finish times a virtual horse will at each combination

A virtual horse's workout time is the most important piece of imformation when deciding a virtual horse's overall potential

We recommend trying all medications and equipment at one distance and instruction, only changing one aspect at a time for consitency. Once you have decided which medications and equipment work best you can train at other instructions and distances

Take a look at Today's track workouts at Cal and Bel - All horses

6 Furlong Virtual Horse Workout Splits & Finish Time Examples
Understanding a virtual horse's time splits at 6F is integral to proper horse placement and possibly a successful horse racing career
6 Furlong Full Time 1st 2 Furlong Insight Last 2F Insight Final Assessment
22.20 45.03 1:08.79 22.20 is a pure sprinter opening split 23.76 final 2F is slow This horse is a stakes grade sprinter 5F - 1 1/8 mile
22.74 45.87 1:09.13 22.74 is a pure router opening split 23.26 final 2F is a closing 2F This horse is a router 1 mile - 1 3/8 mile
22.68 45.79 1:08.84 22.68 is a pure router opening split 23.05 final 2F is a very good closing 2F This horse will close down the stretch stakes grade 7F - 1 3/8 mile
21.84 44.77 1.08.84 21.84 is a pure speed horse 24.07 final 2F is very slow This horse has front end speed only 4F to 7F
The opening 2F and Closing 2F splits will indicate a virtual horse's potential. Instructions of Push -> Steady -> Relax -> can be matched up with distances of Sprint -> Classic -> Route -> but knowing when and where to use these instructions will come down to skill and strategy.

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