Hall of Fame Inductees

Foggydan Farms
Foggydan Farms
Trunoble Lodge
Trunoble Lodge

Graded Stakes Racing

Virtual Triple Crown

Arriving January 2021

Tiz The Law
DD-Tiz The Law

Latest completed races

Name Abbrv Replay
Lucky Tosmah fClm50000 Watch
Feeling Fast fMdSpWt Watch
Colins Back fClm10000 Watch
Ferdinanders fClm15000 Watch
No Improvement Expec fMdC15000 Watch
Regardsmaree fMdSpWt Watch
For Rachael fMdC5000 Watch
Black Mater Bodi G3 Watch
Slow Burner fClm20000 Watch
Tuttle Security fMdSpWtDD Watch


  • The dominance continues. Make it 5 in a row for Unappeased Silence, the monster horse from Tri-City Stables

  • Can Revizzene be stopped? Make it 4 in a row for the star from Foggydan Farms

  • Today's win in the 39th race made it 3 wins in a row for Gun Hugger of Galloping Ghost

  • The dominance continues. Make it 5 in a row for Lucky Tosmah, the monster horse from Winning420

Big Day at the track

  • Foggydan Farms shows its class today earning 125630 and winning 2 races in 17 Starts

  • Induna shows its class today earning 148840 and winning 4 races in 6 Starts

  • Bobby Dazzler shows its class today earning 182580 and winning 1 races in 7 Starts

  • Anfield Road shows its class today earning 102040 and winning 1 races in 11 Starts

horses for sale more

Name Sex Age Price
Tiz The Sword F 3 75,000
Unnamed86894 C 2 75,000
Rollerball F 2 50,000
Height Of Moe F 2 35,000
Dangerous Diva F 3 32,000

public breeders (stallion) more

Stallion Age $ Won Fee
Meadowlark 4 169,600 10,000
Four Wheel Drive 5 354,665 10,000
Not Athletic 4 6,480 8,500
Punisher 4 128,350 8,000
Omaha City 4 40,624 8,000

breeders for sale more


public breeders (mares) more

$ Won

Lifetime Sire List

Name Total Won Avg Race
Sinister Bms 255,700 51,140.0000
Public Distance 494,800 29,105.8824
Unnamed77394 711,500 27,365.3846
Thunder Flame 77,000 25,666.6667
Winged Immortal Bms 332,470 25,574.6154

Lifetime Mare List

Name R/W/P/S Total Earned
Premonition Bms 283,250 56,650.0000
Xorcet 126,500 42,166.6667
Expensive Process 477,130 39,760.8333
Precision 182,800 36,560.0000
Imposing Bms 340,120 34,012.0000

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