TC KYD Winner - Big Bling

Latest completed races

Name Abbrv Replay
Snakes And Ladders (FL) OldT Watch
Carryonupthejungle (CA) fClm5000 Watch
Moon Enabled (NY) fClm10000 Watch
Skydiving Cougar (NY) fAlw Watch
One Road Found (CA) fClm15000 Watch
Cite Unseen (KY) fClm5000 Watch
Champion Chips (NY) fMdC20000 Watch
Flout The Law (NY) fMdSpWt Watch
Cockney Waltz (KY) fMdSpWt Watch
Man O War Tank (KY) fAlw Watch


  • Can Still A Miss (FL) be stopped? Make it 4 in a row for the star from Flip Farms

Big Day at the track

  • Flip Farms shows its class today earning 117570 and winning 3 races in 18 Starts

  • Induna shows its class today earning 111940 and winning 4 races in 16 Starts

  • Black Ace Stable wins 6 races in a day! Black Ace Stable sent 16 horses to post today and earned 6 wins, 1 places, and 1 shows

  • Ortiz I. Jr is on fire! Ortiz I. Jr rode 30 horses today, crossing the line first 11 times

horses for sale more

Name Sex IDW Price
Boston Bruins (NY) F 118 25,000
Joan Of Arc (CA) F 120 16,000
Unnamed134859 (KY) C 122 12,000
Man On Fire (KY) C 120 10,000
Two Storms (NY) C 122 10,000

public breeders (stallion) more

Stallion IDW $ Won Fee
Material Mann (FL) 124 1,938,220 20,000
Elf (KY) 124 280 12,000
Domino Trillion (KY) 124 35,280 10,000
Blue Man Group (KY) 124 2,309,909 10,000
Neverwalkalone (CA) 124 24,500 8,000

breeders for sale more


public breeders (mares) more

$ Won

Lifetime Sire List

Name Total Won Avg Race
DD-Rhythm (KY) 13,429,837 44,617.3987
Temple Mater 200,360 40,072.0000
Kinsman Bms (FL) 2,476,440 37,521.8182
DD-Flightline (KY) 628,725 36,983.8235
Carbon Bomb (FL) 140,960 35,240.0000

Lifetime Mare List

Name R/W/P/S Total Earned
Holy Secret (CA) 1,797,965 39,086.1957
Tarynhasalottawind (KY) 1,238,639 36,430.5588
Im Just Kiddin (KY) 1,077,383 35,912.7667
Opium Den (KY) 1,496,507 35,631.1190
Pocahontas (FL) 70,400 35,200.0000

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