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    1. The problem with the state bred program,,,,the stallion should stay in state,,,movement alLowed with 10 days to go before season is over,,if the owner wants a move,,,,,that along real lines,,,another reason will soon follow,,,,2, the mare may travel small fee if she foals in dif state then where she is domiciled,,,but every other foal is how its done in the real race world,,,its how the farms breed back when the mare is in foal heat,,,,usually about 3 to 5 days after foaling,,,,thats simple,,,,and these arent the issues tho as i see it,,,,3. Populating each state,,,,each state should have its own futurity,,,that promotes breeding,,,now trying to do all states at once wont work,,,and flooding the entry box wont either,,,for a season or 2 maybe a limit of 3 to 5 entries,,,,trying to grow a population here,,,not a haven for series fanatics,,,,thats for the eliminater,,,,these state bred futurities would have to be staggered,,,and for only 2 yr olds to start,,,gotta walk before you run,,,,,maybe a state championship for all ages based on wins and earnings,,,or number of stakes wins,,,,prize,,,blue ticket,,,current value as of today,,,93k$$$,,,,,,,or just a basic package,,,,100k$$$,,,,,now i hope you are following this line of thought,,,,because this is where the last piece fits,,,,,4. Most everyone will agree that when the sr is hot thats where the best ones come from,,,ky breds,,,,,now the home breds have been stellar,,, no question about that,,,,but the farther up the home bred tree we go the farther we are getting away from the roots,,,= kentucky,,,,,,and not one of you mouthy mfer,s have thought of this,,,i should be able to bred a ny mare in ky to a dd sr sire,,,or a fl stallion to a ky sr mare,,,using the same random mechanism as the sr does to match its horses,,,only dif is im presenting my homebred to breed,,,,,in ky to a dd sr horse,,,,also,,,,,a small group of dd sr horses should be listed in each state,,,maybe 5 or 6 of each on a rotating basis,,,the states have to be seeded,,,these are the things that promote breeding,,,tickets may also be applied,,,in what ever color or price the games owner sees fit,,,,,,,and,,,yes,,,im the smartest person in the room,,,,,compared to the person above that made that statement,, if him and a simien were in the same room,,,the simien would also be the smarter of the two,,,lmao,,,,,and thats the cherry on top,,,,,,it wins all the way around,,,keeps the homebreds from getting too watered down,,,,,creates true blood lines,,,,,as it stands we can only get grand childen of the sr ky breds in the state bred programs,,,,damn,,,fing a right i should get paid for this,,,,so,,,,either use this or not,,,,its a no brainer,,,and easy to do,,,it would take the game to another level,,,,,i have 5x homebred mares id love to breed to a dd sr ky sire,,and im sure most of yall have some also,,,,id take a chance on a random breed,,,or buy a ticket to a dd sr also,,but i do think the foal has to be where the mare is domiciled tho,,,enough ky breds,,,need other state breds,,,,,,thats about it,,,,,ive done this for the good of the game,,,i feel the players deservre realism,,,this is,,,tho virtual,,,,to my friends,,i hope this will justify your faith in me,,,to my eneimies,,,and i know who you are,,,even the fing bot ones,,,,i look at you with disdain,,,small minded petty men,,,,im the fing col,,,get spurred
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    ".......and not one of you mouthy mfer,s have thought of this,,,i should be able to bred a ny mare in ky to a dd sr sire,,,or a fl stallion to a ky sr mare,,,using the same random mechanism as the sr does to match its horses,,,only dif is im presenting my homebred to breed..........

    WRONG as usual. This has been discussed numerous times over the last 2 1/2 years since the inception of the sales ring.........the big difference is the folks that contributed to the discussion didn't hold their hand out looking to be paid for bringing it up.

    ----small minded petty man


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      Some great insight, though I've heard some before including from you Cowboy. That said, I have never like sales rings. In it current form it somewhat under mind the breeding program. Still, it is essential to growing the owners population. very necessary in that sense for new players, so I understand why Toc built it. The game probably would have died without.

      What I think sometime in the FUTURE is the sales ring made up of DD owners breeders (part of cowboys).
      A certain portion, number of breeds can be allocated from each breeder and used if admin desires. (I remember the breeding games that helped me got a leg up). Say sire can breed 60 and 20 allocated to community via SR. 40 reserved for owner. Mares would be less.

      This will help with the revelation of breeders when happening randomly and give just about everyone a chance to grow a breeding stock (the foundation of this game).


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        lol,,and im sure your one of the people that talked about making a mouse trap 2 1/2 yrs before the first one was made,,,oh,,yea,,we thought and talked about it,,,then scarfed some ice cream sandwiches and got sleepy and said ,,f the mouses,,,,your an always after the fact kinda guy there ace,,,,,i dont believe a word,,,and the rest dont either,,,,just spin and belittlement,,,,well chris im glad you see the benefit of my thinking,,,it helps the game,,,it helps the players,,,it helps form real blood lines,,,,from the feed back im getting privately,,,7 out of 7 have raved about it,,,,anybody wanna gues who will be the ones that dont like it???,,,,if they do come out against it we will know why,,,but in reality,,they cant,,,its perfect and full proof,,,,so their spite and vitriol against me would backfire on them,,,they would deny the game this perfect chance for more realism,,,deny a more level field,,,,more money for the games state bred programs,,,which is more money for the game and its players,,,why??,,spiteful and petty litte men,,,on to the next rodeo,,,the col


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          ".......your an always after the fact kinda guy there ace,,,,,i dont believe a word,,,and the rest dont either,,,,just spin and belittlement,"

          You want to put up or shut up wise guy?

          Let's run a poll on here to see who has more creditability in the game and see "if the rest don't believe a word".........

          Of course you wouldn't agree to it, or if you did you would claim fraud in the results once you lost, or most likely claim it even before the voting.

          The only "after the fact guy" I am in your case, is the guy who cleans up your bs and conspiracy crap with actual facts.

          ",,,,,,,and fyi,,,i never read the responses to my post,,,i just click and start another one,,,,blinkers on,,,,,the col"

          LOL - so much for that lie as well!

          ---spiteful and petty little man


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            1. Allowing homebred to breed to sales ring horses has in fact been discussed before. So this is not some new revelation. Its has also been denied.

            2. We would be more in favor of charging a fee to own a farm and then u have free transit between your farms. This will come later as we expand tracks and farms. For this reason all farm changes will continue to be free until developed.

            3. We already have a State Futurity built and the first one is Parx..again not a new idea.

            4. We already have a state cup and National cup developed and waiting on proper foal population to launch this. This has been mentioned and discussed on Discord.

            5. We do not see a future in limiting where a sire and mare can breed from. We do see a future in leasing a mare or sire for a season. Discussed in 2021

            6. Blue ticket is not a new concept...this game has always had a voucher built for any way to acquire a horse. So when the sales ring became new we developed a voucher for that type of purchase. Not new.

            7. Changing state-bred ID's in sales ring has been discussed and posted on Discord to help spread out the state bred foals. Another oprtion is to allow a stables to decide which farm they own is their #1 prioritized farm and all foals from sales ring are auto designated that state ID

            8. I dont believe in ghosts or a ghost army so I would strongly recommend the 7 ghost supporters to come out of hiding.

            9. Black Ace is literally one of the smartest detailed people i know in this community. I am sure their are lots of smart people here.

            10. Chrisman's idea is actually the best opinion posted and is in fact a new idea. Doesnt mean its going in but certainly something to chew on.

            Cowboy, I appreciate your input and your passion for the game. It all helps. We add a little here, a little there take some from here and move it over there. So I wont discount your input. What Chrisman says is correct. The sales ring was much needed for growth and for new players but home breeding is a foundational aspect and needs to be the best source for average earmings per foal. I think the goal is to have a sales ring that all sires and mares are in the one pool. not 20 and 20. but 500-300 and you can get the greatest horse ever maybe at a lower strike rate but the breeding needs to be the future. That is how intend to proceed here. Focus on breeding and sire bonuses and improve the homebred process and value. We can do it but we will need the sales ring to always be possible but the bang for the buck to be homebreds.

            Your best idea from you and the only one i have used from you is the Futurity event. Its a good solid fun event with a nice cash haul. Now you can respond with vigor per usual or not and even disagree. I would hope though, that you will try to take the edge off of the way you communicate and just let ur ideas stand strong.

            Lets shore up homebreds
            tackle the state ID disparity
            install sires bonuses

            Then step back and evaluate before adding more or changing so much at once
            The Big Boss


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              I'm impressed you know what a simian is but of course the smartest man in the room doesn't know how to spell it.

              Personally I think some are good ideas but that's because as Bob said 99% of them have been discussed and presented by others of us before you mentioned them. They were discussed when Bob was setting up the whole program and he selected ideas he wanted to use then and didn't implement these particular ideas. Doesn't mean he won't implement some version of them in due time because things are evolving and will continue to evolve despite you wanting it all your way and now.