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  • New feature Coming Soon

    As we have mentioned before we will keep you well informed of any planned work to the site. We won't always announce plans that are in the early stages but will inform everyone of nearly completed projects.

    We have been working on implementing a bonus credit feature. Essentially your stable will have 2 forms of currency. 1. DD Credits (cash value) 2. Bonus Credits (non cash used as cash but can not be withdrawn). This feature should be ready in about a week and hopefully sooner.

    DD Credits - remain the same as always. We decided not to change to $1 = $1 and will leave the current system of $1 = 1,000 credits. DD Credits (cash) can be used for everything.

    Bonus Credits - Bonus credits will be earned and won and given out by Digital Downs. You will be able to earn bonus credits that are added to race purses, Special Races and lower level consolation races. You will be able to earn bonus credits by winning. Example... Every 25 wins in a season will earn your stable 25,000 in bonus credits.

    Bonus credits will be good to pay for the following:

    * Purchase a create horse
    * Pay Championship Series Supplementary Fee
    * Pay Vet Fees and any new options within this tab that may come
    * Pay Monthly Subscriptions

    We will keep the community posted on the expected completion and implementation of the new bonus credit system.
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