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Season 48 Highlights

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  • Season 48 Highlights

    Season 48 Highlights - just a few

    Race card is more streamlined with a lot of redundancy removed. Left plenty space to add onto the card and handle race requests.
    Structured Claiming races and starter allowance races for the same amounts at the same track
    Will be adding 10k and 20k claiming races to fill in
    Enhanced monthly meet awards
    Create Challenge Series
    Midnight bonus credit races
    Midnight create racing
    Handicap Allowance seires
    New grading racing structure and horse rankings (to be explained in detail shortly)
    Consolidated added money allocation for greater race purses
    $1,000 added 3yo Eliminator
    $1,000 added 2yo Eliminator
    3 special race meets TBD
    Expanded 4yo added money racesNon race related upgrades coming soon

    Non Racing improvements

    New 2d race viewer working as HTML 5. Advanced 2d with a 3D experience - in progress
    New workouts page
    new breeding page
    new breeding platform options - explain later
    New horse pages
    New race sortingPlus much much more

    Thank you all and i look forward to a great and competitive season 48


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