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    I just wanted to take a minute to share something positive in a world of such crazy times . A couple of days ago there was a problem with the entries with the Eliminator and a long standing members horse was left out at time of the draw to no fault of anyone and in a very short time Bob was on it but he needed some help from the members of the game he needed 7 more entries to make sure the horse that was left out could run and in a short time 7 members came together and entered a horse each so that the left out horse could race. im very proud to be apart of this site with people who try to help other members so they can race and grow there stable . Now if the real world could do something like that we all would be better off.

    Have a Good Day
    *Donovan Stables*
    Operating out of Ohio, to breed the next D/D Champ!

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    I missed that Pat but tbh this is a very positive community and always willing to help. But well said.


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      Agree 100% Pat. It was my horse, First Class Tramp, who was left out. When i realised what had happened i notified Bob straight away, and made a Discord post. As soon as the community were made aware there was an issue, they came together to right the wrong, and i am PROUD of you all. To everyone on the site, i have been involved in DD since 2006, seen a lot of people come and go, seen a lot of changes, seen a lot of nice horses and a lot of not so nice ones. I cant imagine a better virtual horse racing game anywhere. Also, we are all very lucky to have Bob steering the ship, to make himself as available and accessible as he does is one of this games most attractive attributes. Communication is always the key, and we have it in spades here at DD. So, thank you to all on the site, gives yourselves a pat on the back.....and good luck in season 48!