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  • 2D Viewer Update

    We started our project to update the Flash player to a HTML5 2D viewer. The new viewer will work on all mobile and pad devices which is a huge plus for us. This new viewer will have more of a 3D look to it but it is still actually 2D. We are in the middle of rolling out phase one of 3 of the installs and phase 2 next week.

    Phase 1 - functionality and viewer foundation
    Phase 2 - Night / Day and Dirt / Turf. Billboards and some race information with font size & colors.
    Phase 3 - jockey silks, horse colors and more detail.

    We are also now connecting the workouts and multi workouts.

    We appreciate your patience as we go through this upgrade to the 2D viewer and its already a huge improvement over flash.

    The Big Boss