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Max horse entry per stable has been removed

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  • Max horse entry per stable has been removed

    As of this morning, all site-wide entry restrictions have been lifted. You could enter 6 horses in a race type if you would like. My advice is to look for the race split number required and start tripping the split. This helps spread out horse entries

    If you are someone that is against multiple stable entries then you should also look for the race split number and intentionally split the race knowing that you will be spreading other stables' entries out. it's strategic...use it

    ​​​​​​Will will now monitor how this impacts the race fields before regulating the entry process further

    In the past...people really used race splitting as a strategy. They hunted for splitting races. One way to attack large stables with many entries (edited)

    If i have 2 horses entered and the race split is 10. and the race is currently 10 entered. And i also think the 7F field size is better with less than 10 then i could add 1 more horse and know that the race will split..put 2 in one instance and my 3rd in the second instance. one field of 6 one field of 5

    Many levels to this game and I am telling you some people look at all of this stuff
    The Big Boss

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    Is there a way to show besides number of entries currently applied to also show how many actual stables have entered the race. For example: Race splits at ten horses and currently has 18 horses and it would show that "7" stables have entries applied. This will allow stables to ascertain if race is dominated by few or has it pretty much spread around.


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      There is always a way but would it be justified. That is what i have doubt in to approve for programming. I don't see the added value or impact.
      The Big Boss