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  • State Bred Identification Information

    Below you will find some helpful information on what to expect with the new State Bred platform. This is subject to change at management's discretion as this evolves and in the best interest of Digital Downs and its member stables.

    State Bred Race Bonuses - defined as any state bred horse racing in a race at their state track. Example - A PA bred colt racing at Parx is eligible for the bonus. A NY bred colt racing at parx is not eligible for the state bonus but can be entered into the race.

    State bred race purse bonuses will be paid to the owners of the horses finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd only.

    Track Bonuses will initially be as follows:

    Parx (PA) - 15%
    Gulfstream (FL) - 10%
    Belmont - (NY) 8%
    Santa Anita (CA) 5%
    Churchill (KY) TBD 0-20% - Kentucky breds may also receive a 5% bonus at every track. We are still looking into ways to keep (KY) horses in high regard. This will evolve.
    **Churchill will be a limited track**

    Payout example of the above if it was a Parx PA race
    Race purse = 100,000
    1st place = 55,000
    State bred bonus = 8,250
    Total earnings = 63,250

    State Bred Only Restricted Races - Defined as a race at a state track for ONLY horse bred in that state.
    State Bred Only (SBO) races can have higher purses and blocks big horses being shipped in from out of state for the purse. All of the above State Bred bonuses will apply.

    SBO races will be rotated into the schedule. If for example, Parx has a 12 race card today then you may find 1 SBO race offered out of the 12 races carded.

    State Bred Sire Bonus - State bred sire is defined as a standing sire at a state farm.
    State bred sire bonuses will be awarded to the owner of the sire of horses that finished 1st, 2nd or 3rd in State Bred Only Restricted Races (SBO)

    1. The sire must currently stand at the state farm of the track where the race is being held at the time of the race.
    2. The owner of the sire MUST be an active stable. Dormant accounts are not eligible for any bonuses. We will further define what a dormant account is.
    3. The owner of the sire must be different than the owner of the horse that was entered into the race. There is no double-dipping, this bonus is to boost peer-to-peer breeding connections.

    Sales Ring Foals - Defined as foals birthed by the pairings from the existing site sales ring

    All sales ring filly/mare foals will eventually be randomly assigned a State Bred ID to all fillies/mares at the time of birth. Currently, the default is Kentucky bred (KY) but this will get an update. We may update the % chance per State ID outcome as we see fit based on the needs of the overall game. All colt foals will be assigned a (KY) ID.

    State Farms Assignment - Defined as assigning a breeder a home farm at the time of retirement. The state farm may default to the existing state-bred ID of the horse at the time of retirement.
    All initial farm assignments are at no cost but any future transport to another state farm will include a fee. Reminder - in the home breeding process (not sales ring) the foals State bred ID will be determined by the state farm that the mare stands at.

    Future State Farm Breeding Fees - Current fee is 7,000 across the board

    Pennsylvania (PA) - 5,000
    Florida (FL) - 6,000
    California (CA) - 7,000
    New York (NY) - 8,000
    Kentucky (KY) - 10,000 (includes BC nomination fee)

    You may currently assign all active race horses a State Bred ID. Once an active horse is assigned a State ID it can not be changed until the horse is retired. Only mares will be able to change their state ID when moving from farm to farm. This is currently active. you can find the assign horse button on ur main stable pages.

    The home breeding of state breds is complete but is not live yet and we will make the update live soon.

    Sales ring - as of today all sales ring horses will be automatically assigned a (KY) ID. This will soon be updated to a random outcome for fillies / mares as stated above.

    What isn't live yet and is in programming

    Home breeding state ID - complete & will be updated shortly
    Public breeding - foal state ID assignment. This will be available in about a week.
    Programming for all state bred bonuses, all state bred breeding bonuses and all state restricted bonuses. This is about 10 days out
    State farm breeding fees - this is also about 10 days out for completion
    Churchill Track - roughly 2 days until completion.
    Santa Anita Turf - complete in testing

    I am sure there will be many questions and I will try to answer them as best I can. This is a very fluid install and we expect to have everything in place before the new season. you may see various test races posted on the schedule to help work out kinks that may arise from unforeseen circumstances. We ask for patience as we roll this rather large game update out.

    Thank you

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    The Big Boss

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    Please proceed and assign all horses a State Bred ID. We will eventually flip a switch and all horses will need to have a state id before breeding or racing
    The Big Boss


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      I welcome everyone to jump on Discord tonight where I will be on Live to help answer all questions regarding the state bred rollout. u can always directly reach me by @tockyokcy or support @digitaldownssupport.

      Thank you
      The Big Boss


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        Until 12/30 you will be able to change State Bred ID's and farms

        If its an active horse - simply change the state bred ID from the horse page
        If its a retired horse you can change the ID and the farm by going into your breeder summary page and clicking on any horse and then updating as you see fit. Link below

        The Big Boss


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          Please make sure all horses have been assigned a state bred ID
          The Big Boss