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One last update for Season 52 - Hits tomorrow

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  • One last update for Season 52 - Hits tomorrow

    1. @everyone there is one last update that needs to take place and it will hit sometime tomorrow and it has to do with race weight. Race weight for 2y colt - 120 2yo filly - 118 3yo colt - 122 3yo filly - 120 4yo+ colt - 124 4yo+ filly 122
    2. [6:01 PM]
      in the example above..after the update you will find the 118 at the bottom will then read 120 for this 3yo filly
    3. [6:01 PM]
      and so on for age and sex
    4. [6:02 PM]
      All age change aspects have been finalized and this will not impact any actual horse abilities (edited)
    5. [6:03 PM]
      there is a possibility that you may see a difference in work times and race times since this is a weight related issue. This is also the same for all horses so there is no gain or loss compared to other horses
    6. [6:03 PM]
      just keeping everyone in the loop and i will post when the last update hits
    7. [6:04 PM]
      I also believe this is just an update for 3yo and up
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