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Poll - Should we allow retired breeders to be unretired and sent back to the track?

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  • Poll - Should we allow retired breeders to be unretired and sent back to the track?


    Should we allow stables to have the ability to unretire unsuccessful breeders so they may be sent back to the track? Horses fully retired will not be considered. Active breeders only.

    Thinking behind this

    We have an opportunity to continue the growth of the older racing. Recently we have seen 7yo 6yo and 5yo horses winning races. every season there seems to be about 60% of the total 4yo population retired from racing and they are sent to the breeding barns. This has a huge negative impact on racing options for older horses still on the track. We have a very high amount of sires and mares retired and I cant imagine there is a continued need for established stables to continue to retire horses at this rate. How many sires and mares do you actually need? Our hopes are that we will start to see more gelded horses and mares racing at 4yo and up to help support the older racing card. This will also clean up cluttered breeding barns and improve the strike rate of breeding by removing low level breeders from the options.

    This option being discussed for the poll would be to allow stables to unretire breeders that have so far been unsuccessful as sires or mares and allow them to re-enter the racing scene.
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    The Big Boss

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    There aren't even words for such insanity!!!
    Guess all I can say Bob is many tried to tell you so.


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      Paul, it is sad how hard i tried to get Cowboy to be a part of the community. All i know is i gave that guy more opportunity than anyone else would have. Its just so over the top now that he has forced my hand and is banned completely. one point I actually liked that guy. I put too much time, effort and money into this platform to let one guy do all he can to destroy it.
      The Big Boss


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        100% have to give you props for effort. You gave more chances than I think anyone else would have. You are right, it's too bad because there was a time he and I had some nice conversations but then he turned and continued to get worse.


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          Retired horses are usually OLDER HORSES with declining abilities. Best to leave the GRAVES untouched.