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  • getting distances

    do stables work off 1st works or fully medicated horses to get distance. Be interesting to see what the response is.

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    I do meds first. If they need it they need it. When it's close, racing may help decide, but they are usually good with suggested meds.
    Blinks and such you should verify once you get a feel for the best distance for that horse, and even with the jock instructions.
    ie: blinks may make horse quicker but inclined to fade, may not need at different distance, but in general you stay with what looks obvious unless horse under perform.

    seems like you're digging in and picking up things. nice to see and all the best as you grow.

    btw, no bright ideas of taking over the game, you're gonna have to go thru me first...j/k lol.


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      I would agree with what Chrisman says in fairness, but the best way to find out is by racing them. Some horses have more heart than others as well. But the more you race the more you will be able to judge each horse and HOPEFULLY start to figure them out.


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        I, on the other hand train naked first, then ask vet what they recommend and go with them. I do not change adds after I've asked vet. The more experienced players play around with the adds and clearly works for them. What I have found that some players use bute even though it's not recommended, so again experience counts for alot


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          I rarely change adds after the initial trial but there is evidence to suggest that better times can be reached with different adds over different distances. Notably blinkers for short races and Lasix for longe races.


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            Everybody kind of has their own way of doing things and they all think they are right! Maybe they are!