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Understanding Splits with Charts

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  • Understanding Splits with Charts

    This chart has been bouncing around the site for years but I dont think anyone has ever made it public. Since a few of us give it to anyone who asks, it might as well be placed here for everyone to see.

    Disclaimer: This is intended as a rough guide to gauge your horse by. With unlimited training available now on unraced horses it is recommended that you work the horse at multiple distances to find its preferred instruction and distance.

    Do a timed worked on your horse at 6 Furlongs using one of the top jockeys on push. Keep this same jock on the horse for all your works.

    Calculate the time for the final 2 furlongs. This will often be referred to here as closing time. Example.
    22.08 44.99 1:09.19
    so 1.09.19-44.99= 24.2 seconds.

    Compare your horses' closing time to this chart.

    Time: Push everything below and up to this distance:
    24.50+ 4 Furlong
    24.25 5 Furlong
    24.0 6 Furlong
    23.75 7 Furlong
    23.50 8 Furlong
    23.25 9 Furlong
    23.00 10 Furlong.
    Very rarely will you get a work with less than 23.0 seconds on the final split. There are however a few horses that do work better on push at 11 or 12 Furlongs. Again I suggest you do a timed work to verify what your horse wants.

    What we learn from this besides at what distances our horse prefers to be pushed. You should notice that for the next furlong or possibly two past your max push distance your horse will prefer steady. Beyond that then relax. I need to say it? Always work to make sure

    As far as my example you can see with the 24.2 second closing time the horse only prefers to be pushed up to 5 Furlongs. This is my horse named L-tryptophanand as you can see I have only ran the horse at 5 furlongs.

    Just as the above chart tells us how far to push our horse we can look at the first two furlong splits and get an idea of how short we should run our horse. This chart is less accurate but a good guide as the closing time can vary but it will give you a good starting point on evaluating your horses times.

    First Split Run as short as
    <22.0 4 Furlong
    22.25 5 Furlong
    22.40 7 Furlong
    22.50 8 Furlong
    22.60 9 Furlong
    22.80 10 Furlong
    23.00 11 Furlong
    >23.00 12 Furlong

    23.00 is pretty well the cut off you get a horse that opens for higher than 23.0 seconds it needs to close very nicely in order to compete. Again this chart is less reliable but hopefully you see the trend in that the higher the first split the longer you need to run it and the lower the last split the longer your run your horse on push.

    A few examples.

    First split 22.75. Final Split 23.50. First split suggests in the 9 Furlong area. Closing split says push to 8. Since we can only push to 8 but shoudl run at 9 we should be looking at steady at 9F or 10 F would be the ideal distance for this horse.

    First Split 22.10 Final Split 23.00. Very good chance this horse would be able to run almost all distances push from 5 to 10 or 11 Furlongs and should perform well on steady at 12

    One last example you will find often especially with creates. First split 21.88 Closing split 24.70. This is your classic 4 Furlong Specialists and should only be ran at that distance.

    Okay one more chart just to keep as much together as possible.

    Final Times at each distance what you are hoping for when you work.

    Distance Time wanted for elite horses. Always exceptions when you consider a horse's heart level it can work slower but run great.
    4 F 43.80 or less .
    5F Sub 58.0
    6F Sub 1.09.0
    7F Sub 1.22 (these are rare the low 1.22's are still great horses)
    8F Sub 1.36
    9F Sub 1.50
    10F Sub 2.04 (Same as 7F these are rare low 2.04's are great)
    11F Sub 2.19

    Alot of information to take in but over time it will become much easier.

    If you have any questions feel free to message me or one of the veteran players or post on the forums I'm sure someone will help you.

    Welcome and Good Luck.


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    Just an added note for new players. If your horse hasnt race you have unlimited training until it races. Take advantage of this. Work multiple distances with different instructions to get a better idea of the ability of your horse and be positive on the adds that your horse needs. It doesnt hurt the horse. You can breed and train over 100 times nominate it and win the next day with no penalty

    Also sometimes while multitraining the meters will go a bit haywire. If this happens to you. Just do a timed workout on the bad meters and start over. Generally while doing UT or unlimited training it is recommended that you only do 11F Lead Pony Gallops to bring your meters back up.
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