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    Many of you have probably seen the nonsense spewed on Discord this afternoon. From name calling to questioning experience that they know nothing about to even an attempt to ridicule my stable name. That's OK because of the ignorance of not realizing that someone might actually have a name that means lease to them. So I thought I would share where the name And More Racing Stable came from. There might be a couple of people who won't believe a word of this and think it's all made up but that's OK too because I know the truth and that's all that really matters.

    And if anyone else has an interesting story about how they chose their stable name please feel free to use this thread to share it.

    43 years ago last April I met the love of my soul mate...the kind of love that unfortunately most will never know. From the day we met we spent every day and every night together except for a number I can count on 1 hand (I'll explain later about those few nights). I have been going to the races and betting on them since before I was legal to bet. I always wanted to get into racing. When I met her she had (unfortunately) losing tickets in her coat pocket. A horse lover and racing lover at heart. It was a match made for all time. We spent every available moment we could at the racetrack betting, soaking in the environment and dreaming of the day to come. Finally, 17 months after we met and 3 months before we even got married we went to a yearling sale and selected a pretty little filly for our first horse. We sent her to a boarding ranch near our home and then to a training center when it was time. In the meantime we purchased a yearling colt from the next years sale as well. When time to go to the track we picked out a trainer and asked him to take a look at her. When he saw her his comment was get rid of her so we got rid of him instead...but that's another story. Let's just say she did alright for us and brought a price 15 times what we paid for her when we sold her in foal to Rumbo.

    We thoroughly enjoyed that life of visiting the backstretch, attending the races and the horsemen parties and get togethers. Going to sales buying horses, claiming horses, etc. Soon we had so many horses we decided it would be less expensive to buy a ranch and board them ourselves so we did. One thing lead to another and before long we were foaling our mares at home, recuperating our track layups at home, breaking (I prefer the term and method of gentling) our 2yo's and even set up our own training facility to condition the 2yo's before they went to the track and have trailered horses up and down the state of California all the while owning and running another business I had started. It was an incredibly busy life but we loved every second of it. So for the Nay Sayers you are correct I never held a trainers license at the track but I have done it all and could have been a licensed trainer if I chose to but I had too many irons in the fire to give the right attention to other owners so I chose not to.

    As for the handful of nights we spent apart...we worked together at the other business drove to and from together plus the horse business. We spent 24/7 together except for 1 night when I had picked out a filly at the Del Mar 2yo in training sale but I was too busy at work to get away so she took a girlfriend for company and they flew down to Del Mar (we were NorCal based) to buy the filly and was back the next day. The other handful of nights was when she spent the night in the hospital following surgeries. She battled cancer for several years. I sold the business, I sold the horses and the ranch to care for her until the cancer finally won and 23 years ago last February I lost her when she died in my arms.

    So the name...our "pet" saying to each other was I will love you "Forever And More". To this day I think of her every day and I miss her every day and at times (like now) it still brings tears to my eyes but life goes on. So when I decided to play DD I decided on the name And More Racing Stable in her honor.

    That's the story behind the name.

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    So why take your anger at life and lifes trails out on other people,,,no excuse for how youve treated other people and i hope you fell better getting all that out,,,yet that doesnt excuse the fact to me how youve treated totoro ( tony ) and many others,,,i offered my hand in friendship months ago,,,,i held my fathers hand as he flatlined,,,we all have loses,,,,believe it or not there are people that do know more about horses and horse racing then you do,,thats a fact!! And im 1 of them,,,and for those that arent as experianced as you dont beat them down with your knowledge!!ever how much of it you think you have,,,i am mad at myself for letting you treat tony like that for so long! I usually step to a bully faster then that,,but like i said i extended my hand in friendship to you and didnt want to interfer,,,now leave him alone,,he has as much right to be here and to say what he wants with out being harassed constantly,,daily by you!!! As anyone does!!! If you cant then expect me to say things to you i would rather not say,,,people are tired of being your target!!! If you dont realize how you treat others,,,then dont cry when they bite back,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ( confession is good for the soul ) cowboy way p.s. All of you syners should be ashamed about how yall click on people,, i promise you! You wouldnt do it to my face,,,,brave internet horsemen you are!!! But i will say this for you guys,,yall are the best at running off new players!!! Leave the game and see how well it will prosper with out yall holding it back,,and thats a fact! ( see confession is good for the soul )


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      I feel sorry that you have these ideas of the way I treat other people and that there is some kind of conspiracy against you going on and that I run people off because they are all in your head just because you have some grudge...why I have no idea. I accepted your hand when offered but you keep going off the deep end. You could go down the list of players and many would tell you how much I have helped them and still do. I even offered my help to some who didn't want it like Tony and that's fine he didn't want it...but I made the offer. Believe it or not there isn't anyone here other than Toc who wants this game to grow and have people stay more than I do because it is good for all of us to have a thriving community of members. I have told Toc that and offered my help to him any way I can with new members. But when I do see inaccurate info or ideas I don't agree with then I will say so. That's how Toc gets both sides of opinions so he makes what he feels is the best decisions for the game. If that upsets some people so that they then feel the need to attack me or hold a grudge against me then so be it. And when I see a good idea I will say so too as I have many times. Like I said on Discord earlier that when we chatted before you had some good ideas and I hope you shared them with Toc but in a civil manner not an abrasive manner. He is much more willing to listen that way. Anyway...if I really did something to you unknowingly then I apologize but honestly I don't have a clue what it was.
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        The origin of my old stable name goes back to 1988. I don't have quite the memorable story as AMR but it is the source of a now legendary virtual racing name

        I have a very difficult last name to pronounce or even guess how to spell. It was summer 1988 and we were at the first day of football camp doing 3 sessions a day. Coaches are all calling out names for roll call while doing stretches. When they got to me they absolutely butchered my last name. All my buddies were laughing. The coach kept saying the name over and over again. Tocky..tockyyak...tockyock...tockyocky over and over. It became my nickname that day forward to all my friends. Even to this day my best and longest friends will call me TOC at times as a short version. Or when they get a little crazy they yell out TOCKYOCKY. I also have a tattoo of the nickname in short.

        As life went on, i used it as my internet name for gaming. There is only one him or hate him!
        Tockyocky Racing
        From the gate to the wire...stable on FIRE


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          I accept your apology Paul and hope you accept mine as well as fighting never solves anything. I am not going into details and would like to start fresh without any hard feelings. TORTORO STABLES was created based on Japanese cartoon character that my girlfriend calls myself as well as her family. You can watch it on HBO max as it quite good. Anyhow my handicapping history excelled for Thoroughbreds began when i picked 1974 Cannonade-Hudson County exacta in Kentucky Derby for big bucks. I was learning several years before that as my father taught myself by reading "DRF" when it was only $1.25 an issue. Naturally my father learned from his uncle "SAVERIO CARDILE' who was a small time trainer best known for his Stakes horse "Secret Lanvin" who "TOC" added as a broodmare at Digital Downs. My father, brother and I once contemplated being horse trainers which is a tough career to start with long hours. Anyhow have always been top 5% handicapper of racing especially on the "TURF". I have competed in World Series of Handicapping tournaments years ago and just missed qualifying trip to las Vegas. Was ranked #26 in NYRA handicapping contest in 1980 with over 40,000 entrants. Won a free pass to clubhouse for NYRA circuit for a year as a prize. Most of my college tuition was paid by winnings at Belmont. Miss my father who I lost two months ago as he was a great handicapper to which was passed onto myself. I love horses and am gearing for return to Horseplayers handicapping contest next year since now i am retired and have more time to concentrate.


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            I didnt say anything about a conspiracy in the above comment,,,nor did i in chat,,,,,and as for your loss i am sorry,,,,and as for how i play and conduct myself,,,i can live with it,,,,,no quarter givin,,,and non asked for,,,,i didnt come here to drink coffee and sing kumbayah with abunch of blue haired gamblers,,lmao,,,i have my allies and you have yours,,,,just treat the newbies as you would like to be treated,,,,competion is good,,monoplies are bad,,,and i didnt really get anything from your second post,,,look in the mirror,,its you causing the constant drama with others,,,and then trying to play it off as they are the problem,,,and thats all i have to say,,, cowboy way