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*Eliminator Round 2 2yo 21 * Churchill DD preview and analysis

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  • *Eliminator Round 2 2yo 21 * Churchill DD preview and analysis

    01/09/2022 21:00 21 Churchill DD 1m = 1600m Dirt Good Eliminator Round 2 2yo
    Purse 52,500 (Plus up to 5250 for KY-breds), 2yo Colts and Fillies that have never won 2 races, Wt colts 120lbs, fillies 118lbs, entry fee 8,500

    1. SHIRLEY HEIGHTS (NY)(F) (Dazzling Champion (NY)/Star Point (NY)) Life 1 1 0 0 26400
    TR: Carlton Lodge BR: Carlton Lodge
    Horse Rating 103.75 Speed Rating 113.00 M/L 2-1
    She showed a great deal of early speed in her debut and easily moved on to this round. I expect she will be going for the lead again tonight and must be considered a major player in this race.

    2. RENO BOUND (KY)(C) (DD-Pickin Time (KY)/DD-Lizzy K (KY)) Life 1 1 0 0 26400
    TR: Star Of The Desert BR: Star Of The Desert
    Horse Rating 108.25 Speed Rating 119.00 M/L 4-1
    He won his first heat easily, stalking the leader then mowing him down in the stretch. He had the fastest win time of all the winners in the first round and posted a very nice speed rating of 119, the highest of all the horses in this race. If he runs that same type of race tonight he should win this race and at 4-1 that would be like stealing in the tipping contest. The horse to beat.

    3. FIRST TRIBE (FL)(G) (First Of Season (FL)/Citizen Of The Tribe (FL)) Life 1 1 0 0 26400
    TR: Induna BR: Induna
    Horse Rating 104.00 Speed Rating 109.00 M/L 3-1
    Another stalking type who should be pressing the pace early tonight. He cleared second in his first heat and wore down the leader in the stretch. The concern here is he may get caught out wide and that will hurt his chances. But, saying that, you can't ignore the fact he did win his first heat so he merits some consideration.

    4. DARK PROCESS (CA)(G) (Dark Steppa (NY)/Secret Process (CA)) Life 1 0 1 0 12000
    TR: Chrisman BR: Chrisman
    Horse Rating 103.50 Speed Rating 112.00 M/L 5-1
    He closed a ton in his first race in the series picking up 5 lengths in the stretch. I don't think you will see him compete early on tonight but he should be closing in the stretch, just not sure he is good enough to beat some very nice horses in this race.

    5. SILVER BAG HAG (FL)(F) (DD-Silver State/DD-In My Bag (KY)) Life 1 0 0 0 1680
    TR: Totoro Stables BR: Totoro Stables
    Horse Rating 104.00 Speed Rating 108.00 M/L 7-1
    She showed a little late kick in her debut but to me she looks overmatched in this race. This heat is a tough one as 4 of the horses are winners of their first round heats, must pass.

    6. HAPPYSTAR (CA)(G) (DD-Happy Saver/DD-Youngstar (KY)) Life 1 1 0 0 23100
    TR: Sweet Stables BR: Black Ace Stable
    Horse Rating 104.75 Speed Rating 108.00 M/L 5-1
    A come from behind winner in his first heat he will look to do the same tonight. His works are not as impressive as some of the other horses in the race and therefor I feel a minor award at best is in his future.

    7. STICKY ONE (KY)(G) (DD-Sticky Fingers (KY)/DD-Bell's the One) Life 1 0 0 0 1920
    TR: Whymea Farms BR: Whymea Farms
    Horse Rating 102.25 Speed Rating 107.00 M/L 6-1
    His workouts are average for this race and he did show a little late close in his debut, but he never really contended. I expect the same tonight as he appears overmatched against these four first time winners.

    My selections: 2-1-6-3