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  • cowboys accomplishements

    as the president of the digital downs virtual horse racing association it has been my honor and priviilage to serve the horsemen of our community,,my accomplishements are as follows,,,,,,1. the attention to the 3 horse entry,,,which was temporially stopped and the players were grateful,,,now it seems to be re-viving,,,gl on that guys,,,,,2. the blue ticket was an all Col idea,,,players really like it,,,,,,3 the fururities,,,under 99,s and the state breds when they start,,,once again,,The Col,,,,,4 the days of rest between races,,,where there were none before,,,,5 the finishing touch to the state bred program is on the table,,,but because of spitefulness im sure itl end up on the floor,,,,so,,as of now,,,, after 2 yrs as your president il be stepping down as of today,,,,i truly hope you can find a new president that can and will serve you,,the players of the game,,,, as well as i have tried to,,,,as for boris,,,ivan,,,igor,,,,alexi,,,and olga,,,beware of them,,,,lol,,,,they are sneaky russian bastards ,,,,and im tired of dealing with them for now,,,somebody else needs to ride herd,,,,the col is tired,,,,,well thats about it,,,,il still be around watching,,,but i am withdrawing from the public life,,,a sympatico you might call it,,,,let the tiger sleep,,,its good advice,,,, and i wont kick dead dogs,,,,,,gl,,,The COL,PRESIDENT OF THE DIGITAL DOWNS VIRTUAL HORSE RACING ASSOCIATION-RETIRED

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    This is hilarious

    Are you listing my list of accomplishments? Did you raise my kids also and build my deck? What about my pool?

    Enjoy the sheelf

    The Big Boss