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Yesterday's News

Category 1: Track Records Broken or Approached
Flying Citizen (KY) from Flip Farms narrowly misses breaking the BEL record at 5f. Flying Citizen (KY) posted a quick time of 56.86, just missing the current record of 56.77, which is held by At The Buzzer (CA).
Trillion Win (KY) from Jake Dog Racing narrowly misses breaking the BEL record at 1 1/4m. Trillion Win (KY) posted a quick time of 2:01.37, just missing the current record of 2:01.28, which is held by Secret Dancer (KY).
Sassy Emma (NY) from Donovan Stables narrowly misses breaking the BEL record at 3f. Sassy Emma (NY) posted a quick time of 31.73, just missing the current record of 31.64, which is held by This Means War (FL).
Lost In The Storm (KY) from Donovan Stables narrowly misses breaking the BEL record at 3f. Lost In The Storm (KY) posted a quick time of 31.66, just missing the current record of 31.64, which is held by This Means War (FL).

Category 2: New Stable Successes
The Golden Horseshoe: Fjonk picks up its 50th career win

Category 3: Big Days for jockeys or trainers
Jake Dog Racing shows its class today earning 208235 and winning 3 races in 9 Starts
Taylorandtaryn shows its class today earning 126279 and winning 4 races in 24 Starts
Greeko Holdem wins 9 races in a day! Greeko Holdem sent 20 horses to post today and earned 9 wins, 2 places, and 3 shows
Greeko Holdem shows its class today earning 281794 and winning 9 races in 20 Starts
Shiftys shows its class today earning 137500 and winning 2 races in 2 Starts
Creekside Stables shows its class today earning 137375 and winning 2 races in 10 Starts
Ortiz I. Jr is on fire! Ortiz I. Jr rode 24 horses today, crossing the line first 8 times

Category 4: Streaks
Can Adanac (KY) be stopped? Make it 4 in a row for the star from Greeko Holdem
Today's win in the 20th race made it 3 wins in a row for Gemina (CA) of Bald Farm Inc
Greeko Holdem consistently sending winners. For the 5th consecutive day, Greeko Holdem sees at least three of its ponies in the winner's circle.

Category 7: Milestones
Morning Glory (KY) reaches an earnings milestone, now over the 300,000 mark
At The Buzzer (CA) reaches an earnings milestone, now over the 500,000 mark

Section 2: Yesterday's Winners

StableWinsHorse NameA/SClassDistTimeSpd
Greeko Holdem9
More Cake (KY)3GfOpenAlwDD1 1/2m2:30.2499
At The Buzzer (CA)3GBCDSQ-G35f56.8399
Butter (KY)2FfClm150005f57.0598
Tulips (KY)2FfMdC150006f1:07.7198
Good Fella (KY)2GfAlw5f57.1298
Adanac (KY)2FfAlw1m1:34.1497
Winning Combination (KY)2FfMdC150006f1:08.1396
Keeper (KY)2GfClm50001 1/4m2:02.6796
Bold And Beautiful (FL)2FfMdSpWt1 1/8m1:48.5696
Firstofagreatfamily (KY)4CfAlw5f56.9999
Highpricedticket (KY)2GfAlw5f57.2098
Sunday Brunch (KY)2GfClm150005f57.0598
Globalfactor (KY)2GfClm250001m1:35.0495
Jake Dog Racing3
Trillion Win (KY)3FfOpenAlwDD1 1/4m2:01.37100
Gyrfalcon (CA)4GSSSF3f31.7499
Whiplash (PA)3CfAlw1 1/8m1:47.7197
Flip Farms3
Flying Citizen (KY)4GfAlw5f56.86100
Ruff Girls (KY)2FfAlw7f1:20.7699
Super B (FL)2FfClm250001m1:34.9096
X Rated (KY)2CBCJCQ-G31m1:33.9197
Here Comes The Pain (KY)2CBCJCQ-G31m1:33.9297
Creekside Stables2
Morning Glory (KY)4FfOpenAlwDD1 1/2m2:30.5797
Noble Red (KY)2CfMdSpWt1 1/8m1:48.6396
Donovan Stables2
Sassy Emma (NY)2FSSSF3f31.73100
Lost In The Storm (KY)3FSSSF3f31.66100
Black Ace Stable2
Feisty Lass (FL)2FfMdC150001 3/8m2:17.0394
Ribot Conclusion (CA)3GfMdSpWt1 3/8m2:17.5092
Totoro Stables2
Sandy Albatross (NY)2FfMdC250001 1/8m1:47.8297
Admiral Beast (NY)2FfMdC150006f1:08.1596
Foggydan Farms1
Ghost Baby (KY)2FfAlw7f1:21.0297
Star Of The Desert1
Prettylittlegirl (KY)2FfMdSpWt5f57.1398
Winning Ways1
Albebay (PA)2CfMdSpWt5f56.8799
War Machine (KY)3CfMdSpWt1 1/8m1:48.4794
Bald Farm Inc1
Gemina (CA)3FfClm150004f43.4998
My Kingdom Come (FL)3GfClm50001 3/8m2:16.6899
Secret Ticket (FL)2FfClm50001 1/4m2:03.0095
The Gold Donkey (KY)2GfAlw6f1:08.3596

Section 3 - Breeding Activity

Horse NameSireDamStableFirst Workout Time
Aravene (KY)-Created--Created-Carlton Lodge1:09.23
Banana Republic (KY)-Created--Created-Carlton Lodge1:09.48
Banju (KY)-Created--Created-Carlton Lodge1:08.96
Dance Fever (KY)Disco Inferno (KY)Grecian Rock (KY)Black Ace Stable1:08.83
Double Treasure (FL)DD-Treasure Beach (GB)DD-Double Tap (NY)Northland1:08.63
Dubawi Ce Ce (FL)DD-Dubawi (IRE)DD-Ce Ce (KY)Northland1:08.55
Firstattraction (FL)DD-First Samurai (KY)DD-Seaside Attraction (KY)Taylorandtaryn1:08.67
Flame Starter (KY)Disco Inferno (KY)Grecian Rock (KY)Black Ace Stable1:08.84
Headedtothetrack (KY)Volatile Situation (PA)Bestdayever (KY)Taylorandtaryn1:08.80
I Am Dasher (KY)I Am Keen (KY)Dashmania (FL)Black Ace Stable1:08.98
Liams Pie (CA)DD-Liam's MapDD-Pinch Pie (KY)Northland1:08.53
Mater Alma (CA)DD-Greatness (KY)DD-Alma Mater (KY)Northland1:08.87
Mississippi Mule (PA)DD-Ete Indien (KY)DD-Mississippi Mud (KY)Prestage Stables1:08.89
Notthebestjokeever (KY)Thejokeisonyouhaha (KY)Bestdayever (KY)Taylorandtaryn1:08.82
Persian Kitty (FL)DD-Brethren (KY)DD-Persian Maid (KY)Prestage Stables1:08.81
Pop Tart (NY)Dazzler Special (KY)Thunder Bell (FL)Jake Dog Racing1:09.01
Somoli Munnings (CA)DD-Munnings (KY)DD-Somolli (KY)Northland1:09.07
Speady Gonzalez (KY)Alltude (PA)Dashmania (FL)Carlton Lodge1:08.94
The Clone (KY)-Created--Created-Carlton Lodge1:08.90
Themaidwentupthehill (KY)Longclimboverthehill (KY)Thegoodmaid (KY)Taylorandtaryn1:08.74
Two Alarm Fire (FL)Disco Inferno (KY)Double Grey (KY)Black Ace Stable1:08.83
Unnamed134526 (NY)Frankly Royal (CA)She Is Extreme (NY)Carlton Lodge1:08.94
Unnamed134528 (KY)Stick Figure (KY)Pity Party (KY)Creekside Stables1:08.95
Unnamed134529 (NY)Ezzee Street (NY)Ezzee World (NY)Creekside Stables1:08.73
Unnamed134530 (NY)Worldeater (NY)Seven Veils (NY)Creekside Stables1:08.88
Unnamed134531 (FL)DD-English Channel (KY)DD-Autumnal (KY)Northland
Unnamed134532 (FL)DD-Pientre Celebre (KY)DD-Dunbar Road (KY)Northland1:08.77
Unnamed134534 (CA)DD-Candy Tycoon (KY)DD-Midday (KY)Northland1:08.86
Unnamed134537 (FL)DD-Art CollectorDD-Search Results (KY)Northland1:08.85
Unnamed134538 (KY)DD-Flightline (KY)DD-Dunbar Road (KY)Northland
Unnamed134539 (CA)DD-Docksider (KY)DD-Pan Zareta (KY)Northland1:08.81
Unnamed134540 (NY)Albegrey (NY)Thanksgiving Rewards (NY)Winning Ways1:08.92
Unnamed134541DD-Dynaformer (KY)DD-Black Caviar (KY)Tzwsvsow
Unnamed134542DD-Whiskey Ecko (KY)DD-Tiffany's HonourTzwsvsow
Unnamed134543DD-Gloria de Campeao (KY)DD-November Sun (CA)Tzwsvsow
Unnamed134544DD-Luke Blackburn (KY)DD-What a Summer (KY)Tzwsvsow
Unnamed134545 (NY)Zen Storm (FL)Finales Filly (KY)Shiftys1:08.92
Unnamed134546 (NY)Zen Storm (FL)Finales Filly (KY)Shiftys1:08.94
Unnamed134547 (NY)Zen Storm (FL)Finales Filly (KY)Shiftys
Unnamed134548 (NY)Zen Storm (FL)Finales Filly (KY)Shiftys1:08.96
Unnamed134549 (NY)Zen Storm (FL)Finales Filly (KY)Shiftys1:08.99
Unnamed134550 (CA)DD-Fastnet Rock (KY)DD-Lady Blackfoot (PA)Shiftys1:09.09
Unnamed134551 (FL)DD-Citation (KY)DD-Grecian Banner (KY)Shiftys1:08.97
Unnamed134552 (NY)DD-Street Sense (KY)DD-Seaside Attraction (KY)Shiftys1:09.00
Unnamed134553 (KY)DD-Alsab (KY)DD-Pan Zareta (KY)Shiftys1:09.09
Unnamed134556 (CA)DD-Pivotal (KY)DD-Classic Wish (KY)Northland1:08.77
Unnamed134557 (NY)DD-Royal Lytham (KY)DD-Alruccaba (KY)Northland1:08.72
Unnamed134558 (FL)DD-Fed Biz (KY)DD-Happy Ticket (KY)Northland1:08.67
Unnamed134559 (KY)DD-Iron Fist (KY)DD-Indian Miss (KY)Northland1:09.08
Unnamed134560 (PA)DD-Street Boss (KY)DD-Temple Street (KY)Northland1:08.66
Unnamed134561 (CA)DD-Docksider (KY)DD-Runway Model (KY)Northland
Unnamed134562 (NY)DD-Sea Biscuit (KY)DD-Pomeroys Pistol (KY)Northland
Unnamed134564 (FL)Jet Sweep (KY)Gold Maine (NY)Jake Dog Racing1:08.94
Unnamed134565 (KY)Man In A Van (KY)Dont Turn The Dial (FL)Jake Dog Racing1:08.94
Unnamed134566 (NY)I Love Blueberries (PA)Dancing On Bourbon (NY)Winning Ways1:08.95
Unnamed134567 (FL)Jake Dog One (CA)Not So Invincible (FL)Jake Dog Racing1:08.98
Unnamed134571 (KY)Thunder Big Dog (KY)Dashmania (FL)Black Ace Stable1:08.99
Unnamed134572 (FL)Bold Parlo (KY)El Gran Flambino (KY)Black Ace Stable1:08.99
Unnamed134573 (KY)I Am Keen (KY)Dashmania (FL)Black Ace Stable1:08.90
Unnamed134577 (KY)Alltude (PA)Dashmania (FL)Black Ace Stable1:09.10
Unnamed134579 (KY)Red Empire (KY)Sur I (KY)Aloya1:09.01
Unnamed134581 (KY) (KY)-Created--Created-Carlton Lodge1:09.39
Unnamed134583 (KY) (KY)-Created--Created-Carlton Lodge1:09.48
Unnamed134584 (KY) (KY)-Created--Created-Carlton Lodge1:09.15
Unnamed134585 (KY) (KY)-Created--Created-Carlton Lodge1:09.17
Unnamed134587 (KY) (KY)-Created--Created-Carlton Lodge
Unnamed134588 (KY) (KY)-Created--Created-Carlton Lodge1:09.49
Unnamed134589 (KY) (KY)-Created--Created-Carlton Lodge1:09.41
Unnamed134592 (FL)Comeoncowboy (NY)Boudicca Gold (CA)Donovan Stables1:08.64
Unnamed134595 (NY)Bad Bad Man (FL)Lady Bull (KY)Donovan Stables1:08.79
Unnamed134596 (NY)Bad Bad Man (FL)Lady Bull (KY)Donovan Stables21.58

Section 4 - Gone From the Track

Horse NameSexW/P/SEarnings
Calm Down Coco (KY)2G0/1/116100
Danger Ranger (CA)2F0/0/13840
Dashmania (FL)4F0/2/019125
Disco Inferno (KY)5H16/11/12966263
Dunkin Doughtnut (CA)4F1/0/230200
Funny Ha Ha (FL)2G0/0/00
Had Me Fooled (KY)4G4/1/150300
Its Not A Tiz (PA)3G0/1/00
Jalmari (KY)4F2/0/160995
King Of Diamonds (FL)4C0/1/00
Legio V (KY)5M1/1/148480
Little Bitty (KY)5M3/0/182490
Monkeys Uncle (FL)3F0/0/00
No Escape (CA)2G0/0/00
Out Of Your Mind (CA)3F0/0/10
Schizozafonic (FL)3G1/0/14050
Smooth Tornado (FL)3F1/0/16000
Sprint Cityt (KY)2F0/0/15475
Stormy Beauty (CA)2F0/0/00
Stuff It (NY)2F0/0/00
Talented Tam (FL)3C0/0/00
The Tube (PA)3F1/1/341588
Unnamed127812 (FL)3F0/0/00
Unnamed127832 (NY)3G0/0/00
Unnamed128292 (PA)3G0/0/00
Unnamed128859 (KY)3G0/0/00
Unnamed128966 (CA)2G0/0/00
Unnamed129460 (CA)2F0/0/00
Unnamed129634 (CA)2F0/0/00
Unnamed129637 (NY)2G0/0/00
Unnamed129667 (KY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed132230 (KY)2G0/0/00
Unnamed134315 (PA)2C0/0/00
Unnamed134528 (KY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed134531 (FL)2C0/0/00
Unnamed134534 (CA)2C0/0/00
Unnamed134537 (FL)2C0/0/00
Unnamed134538 (KY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed134539 (CA)2C0/0/00
Unnamed134559 (KY)2C0/0/00
Unnamed134560 (PA)2C0/0/00
Unnamed134561 (CA)2C0/0/00
Unnamed134562 (NY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed134564 (FL)2G0/0/00
Unnamed134566 (NY)2C0/0/00
Unnamed134571 (KY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed134572 (FL)2C0/0/00
Unnamed134573 (KY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed134577 (KY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed134581 (KY) (KY)2C0/0/00
Unnamed134583 (KY) (KY)2C0/0/00
Unnamed134584 (KY) (KY)2C0/0/00
Unnamed134585 (KY) (KY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed134587 (KY) (KY)2C0/0/00
Unnamed134588 (KY) (KY)2C0/0/00
Unnamed134589 (KY) (KY)2C0/0/00
What Can I Say (NY)2G0/0/00

Section 5 - Did You Know?

Last week's top fee-generating sire:
1Pretty Damn Smart (KY)Star Of The Desert20000
2Noble Twosy (CA)Black Ace Stable16250
3Nemesis Thunder (NY)Carlton Lodge16000

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