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Yesterday's News

Category 1: Track Records Broken or Approached
Russian Rose from Induna breaks the CAL record at 1 1/2m, with a time of 2:31.55. The previous record of 2:31.71 was held by Authentic Info

Category 3: Big Days for jockeys or trainers
Taylorandtaryn shows its class today earning 202270 and winning 2 races in 9 Starts
Dynamo shows its class today earning 106830 and winning 3 races in 8 Starts

Category 4: Streaks
Today's win in the 4th race made it 3 wins in a row for Bodes Well Star of Haras Du Pin
Dynamo consistently sending winners. For the 4th consecutive day, Dynamo sees at least three of its ponies in the winner's circle.

Category 5: Back on the Radar
American Primonetta reappears. After a drought of 89 days, American Primonetta finds himself back in the winner's circle

Category 6: Claiming News
And More Racing Stable is active on the claiming front - adding 3 horses just from today

Section 2: Yesterday's Winners

StableWinsHorse NameA/SClassDistTimeSpd
Novel Regard2GfMdC300001 1/2m2:31.2398
Gamine On2GfMdSpWt1m1:34.8798
Charging Beauty2FfClm500001 1/4m2:02.9798
Igotmyown2GfMdSpWtDD1 1/8m1:47.8799
Dazzling South3GfClm100006f1:08.3897
Seaside Joy2CfAlwDD5f57.0699
Joyful Birde2GfClm100006f1:08.0199
Russian Rose2FfClm150001 1/2m2:31.55101
Domino Factor2GfClm100006f1:07.9299
Haras Du Pin1
Bodes Well Star2CfAlwDD5f57.0899
Foggydan Farms1
Bodacious Emilio2CfMdSpWtDD1 1/4m2:02.0599
BC Racing1
Coulda Shoulda2CfMdSpWtDD1 1/4m2:02.2098
War Counsil2GfAlw7f1:21.3797
Totoro Stables1
American Primonetta2FbClm250001m1:34.3498
Cowboy Way1
Nakkid Rooster Baby2GfMdC150001 1/4m2:02.5699
Rubi Lodge1
Liverpool Lancaster3GfAlw1m1:34.9698
Dragon Tattoo1
Im Dasher2FfAlwS5f57.2998

Section 3 - Breeding Activity

Horse NameSireDamStableFirst Workout Time
BeatileDD-VolatileDD-Beatrix PotterSweet Stables1:08.97
Dasher Bang-Created--Created-Greeko Holdem1:09.15
Daves SingleImp RollSquare DealSweet Stables1:08.92
Df ChieftainDD-Discreet LoverDD-Indian MissFoggydan Farms1:08.86
Drunk TextingDD-Whiskey EckoDD-NovelistFoggydan Farms1:09.22
Kluger BeachDD-KlugerDD-Beach WalkFoggydan Farms1:08.78
KojakDD-Royal LythamDD-EstateAnfield Road1:08.83
Lemon CurdImp RollLiverpool ChampionsSweet Stables1:09.10
Liverpool FlyerDD-GulchDD-BroochAnfield Road1:08.96
Mamma MiaaDD-Great AboveDD-Indian MissAnfield Road1:08.78
MoonakiDD-SamsoniteDD-BroochGreeko Holdem1:09.05
NutcakeDD-Aurelius MaximusDD-ArradoulSweet Stables1:08.72
Off Road WarriorDD-Four Wheel DriveDD-ArradoulSweet Stables1:08.84
Paradise PieDD-Paradise CreekDD-Yawkey WaySweet Stables1:08.86
Safe SexDD-Safe BetDD-Panty RaidSweet Stables1:09.08
Sherry TrifleImp RollLiverpool StormSweet Stables1:09.14
Skinhead MoonstompDD-Little MikeDD-BroochAnfield Road1:08.96
Spin And Run-Created--Created-Greeko Holdem1:09.47
StopgapDD-Aurelius MaximusDD-MarlaAnfield Road1:08.71
TaylorhaslittlefeetDD-Little MikeDD-RoherynTaylorandtaryn1:08.70
Unnamed92207Justified SpeedProud DealerBlack Ace Stable1:09.22
Unnamed92209DD-Aurelius MaximusDD-Winding BayTaylorandtaryn1:08.80
Unnamed92210DD-GulchDD-Swing ItNorthland
Unnamed92211DD-Little MikeDD-RoherynNorthland1:09.21
Unnamed92212DD-Indian CharlieDD-Swiss SkydiverNorthland1:09.04
Unnamed92214Clever AzeriSilver BridgeTopdog Stables1:09.12
Unnamed92217DD-Global CampaignDD-Swing ItAnfield Road1:09.10
Unnamed92218DD-The ProcessDD-African JadeAnfield Road1:09.08
Unnamed92219DD-Instilled RegardDD-ArradoulAnfield Road1:09.04
Unnamed92221DD-Four Wheel DriveDD-Indian MissAnfield Road1:08.87
Unnamed92224DD-GulchDD-ArradoulAnfield Road1:08.86
Unnamed92225DD-Discreet LoverDD-Raven's ClawFoggydan Farms1:09.51
Unnamed92227DD-Super SaverDD-Beatrix PotterFoggydan Farms1:08.87
Unnamed92228DD-RangerDD-ShestheoneFoggydan Farms1:08.96
Unnamed92229DD-Super SaverDD-Panty RaidFoggydan Farms1:09.32
Unnamed92230DD-Discreet LoverDD-Star of GoshenFoggydan Farms1:09.30
Unnamed92231DD-Without ParoleDD-NovelistFoggydan Farms1:09.27
Unnamed92232DD-VolatileDD-Byrama (GB)Foggydan Farms1:08.78
Unnamed92235DD-Global CampaignDD-Beach WalkBobby Dazzler1:09.12
Unnamed92236DD-Discreet LoverDD-Tiffany's HonourGreeko Holdem1:09.17
Unnamed92237-Created--Created-Greeko Holdem1:09.32
Unnamed92238-Created--Created-Greeko Holdem1:09.42
Unnamed92240-Created--Created-Greeko Holdem1:09.45
Unnamed92241-Created--Created-Greeko Holdem1:09.70
Unnamed92242-Created--Created-Greeko Holdem1:09.45
Unnamed92243-Created--Created-Greeko Holdem1:09.78
Unnamed92244-Created--Created-Greeko Holdem1:09.78
Unnamed92246-Created--Created-Greeko Holdem1:09.80
Unnamed92247DD-Great AboveDD-EstateBobby Dazzler1:09.24
Unnamed92248DD-RangerDD-Like a QueenBobby Dazzler1:09.28
Unnamed92249DD-Tight TenDD-Winding BayDynamo1:09.39
Unnamed92250DD-Maclean's MusicDD-Panty RaidBobby Dazzler1:09.18
Unnamed92251DD-Safe BetDD-ArradoulDynamo1:09.26
Unnamed92257DD-RangerDD-Raven's ClawDynamo1:09.19
Unnamed92258DD-GulchDD-Beach WalkDynamo1:09.20
Unnamed92259DD-AmbassadorDD-Special MeDynamo1:09.13
Unnamed92261DD-Super SaverDD-MarlaDynamo1:09.05
Unnamed92262ThankfulJessica RabbitNemesis1:09.21
Unnamed92263DD-Whiskey EckoDD-EnhancingTopdog Stables1:09.03
Unnamed92264DD-VolatileDD-Thundering EmiliaTopdog Stables1:09.18
Unnamed92265DD-Oscar (IRE)DD-EstateTopdog Stables1:09.17
Unnamed92266DD-Great AboveDD-EstateInduna1:09.16
Unnamed92267DD-Maclean's MusicDD-Melody LadyTopdog Stables1:09.23
Unnamed92268PowerPoint PleasantTopdog Stables1:09.16
Unnamed92269DD-AmbassadorDD-Swiss SkydiverWinning4201:09.39
Unnamed92274-Created--Created-Gran Carlos
Unnamed92275-Created--Created-Gran Carlos
Unnamed92276-Created--Created-Gran Carlos
Unnamed92277-Created--Created-Gran Carlos
Wheat RollImp RollGrateful BreadSweet Stables1:09.11

Section 4 - Gone From the Track

Horse NameSexW/P/SEarnings
3 C's16H1/3/023765
A Little Magic19M2/0/47861
Act Of Contrition19M1/3/116228
Agent Provocatuer14M1/3/127033
Alien Beach Day16H3/0/439887
Alien Code16M3/3/558454
Alien Generation16M0/1/27526
Alien Surge15M1/2/120472
Alien Taboo14M1/3/524744
Amazing Stories19H1/0/16464
American Dad16H2/0/213434
Another Tire Sale19M2/3/513332
Appellate Division19M1/3/115971
Baby Nose28M6/2/533593
Beach Day19M2/3/2139110
Big Grey Huntress18M3/5/012458
Bikini Model19M1/2/625693
Bleed With Me15M1/1/23570
Bloody Mark19H1/2/135622
Bloody Money19M1/2/27642
Bloody Sacrifice2F0/0/00
Boston Massacre20M3/5/319282
Bottle Caps19M1/3/217201
Broken Promises18H1/1/424070
Candyman Elf15M1/3/115337
Captain Preston16M1/1/213860
Caribbean Life19H3/6/3173171
Carnegie Hall18H1/1/410435
Contolled Substance19M4/6/470297
Convention Delegate17H2/6/134562
Count To What27M1/1/55940
Crazy Quiet18M2/3/229358
Creature Feature15M2/3/09934
Decisive Scatter19H3/2/449179
Deep Impact19H2/2/130125
Delayed Opening18H0/5/212853
Devious Dutchess20M6/3/216322
Double Dee's18M3/3/344534
Drug Store Cowboy19H2/6/352102
Dulche De Leche19M1/4/339536
Empty Alliance13M2/3/034941
Executive Orders2F1/0/016500
Faddy Arbuckle18H5/6/344603
Family Secrets18M1/1/67638
Family Traditions18M6/6/5286265
Flaming Fast17H1/0/210625
Forgone Conclusion13M5/4/1118338
Galactic Star19M3/2/111482
Get The Skrills2F0/0/00
Getting Answers2F0/0/00
Girl About Town19M1/0/14590
Hawks Hill17M1/2/434223
Heavy Dream20M1/1/15075
Highest Aspirations19M3/3/035864
Homegrown Hero2G0/0/00
Hurricane Dolly17H0/4/427070
Hurricane Maxfusion16H1/2/633612
In God We Trust17H1/0/415807
In The Series7M3/3/141558
Indian Rain Dance19H1/4/729153
Jj Befrrds2F0/0/00
Jj Cgdestgg2F0/0/00
Jj Semo2G0/0/00
Laura Manchester37M13/13/10595430
Lucid Dreams18M5/2/015079
Mailorder Bride18M1/1/210340
Masked Avenger20M2/3/09006
Max Star19H1/4/233028
Max Veloce20H5/3/6138368
Maximum Surge18M1/3/16321
Medal Of Honor17M2/0/18096
Miss Immigrant18M4/3/112854
Monument Park17M2/2/234148
Morning Light19M0/2/28160
Mt Everest19M2/0/48276
No Glory Here20M1/2/14727
Nose Show18M4/3/315161
Occam's Razor18H0/4/27054
Old Caribbean Bones17M2/2/323006
Orange Wave20M0/1/23510
Panama Canal19M0/3/35435
Polaris Rising18H1/2/29265
Pretty Polly16M3/5/251389
Prideful Elegance19M2/1/230310
Proof In Action4F0/1/03400
Proud Dealer4F3/0/149520
Quite A Looker19H1/1/07778
Racial Tension2F0/0/0720
Rampant Princess20M1/2/16729
Redemption Story5H1/0/212180
Reigning Princess16M1/0/28318
Rekindled Romance2F0/0/00
Sad Cafe20M2/6/517565
Sagamore Mine7M3/4/2103745
Saint Christopher19H1/3/316171
Scoop On20M3/3/213923
She's Outrageous18M2/3/519626
Sheza Dart13M5/3/335932
Skittles Company16M1/1/515709
Smoove Surge20M8/3/251042
Sour Apple Diesel16M2/2/339744
Spittin' Spades19H1/2/114404
Ss Moon Light20M0/0/33920
Ss Sweet Steel19M3/2/445090
Star Dutchess18M4/3/022506
Strange Bouquet19M3/2/010153
Sugar Mountain19M1/4/054274
Sunkissed Summer20M1/1/39064
Take Down Too19H0/1/613261
Ten Cents A Dance19M0/2/310636
Term Limits16H4/6/155615
Thai Fighter18M2/2/318968
The Gza17M4/7/6114539
The Twilight Zone20M1/1/34591
To Catch An Elf18M1/4/320198
Tricks Are For Kids14M4/3/396546
Ultimate Mystery2F0/0/00
Unreal Estate10M0/3/518125
Up The Junction19H3/2/250342
Value Of Pi19M1/2/216783
Warrior Lass19M6/4/265279
Well Worn Path19M3/3/255135
Wish You Were Here20H3/7/794783
Witch Dr19M2/3/111858
Yaz The Elf18M3/1/515812
Yo Tambien2F0/1/110080

Section 5 - Did You Know?

Highest earnings per race this season - Stable:
1Bobby Dazzler13486
2Galloping Ghost11970
3Greeko Holdem11554

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