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Yesterday's News

Category 3: Big Days for jockeys or trainers
Foggydan Farms shows its class today earning 150120 and winning 1 races in 5 Starts
Chrisman shows its class today earning 202791 and winning 2 races in 19 Starts
Taylorandtaryn shows its class today earning 545125 and winning 3 races in 23 Starts
Pancho Racing Stables wins 10 races in a day! Pancho Racing Stables sent 44 horses to post today and earned 10 wins, 7 places, and 4 shows
Pancho Racing Stables shows its class today earning 382669 and winning 10 races in 44 Starts
Black Ace Stable wins 5 races in a day! Black Ace Stable sent 6 horses to post today and earned 5 wins, 1 places, and 0 shows
Black Ace Stable shows its class today earning 206963 and winning 5 races in 6 Starts
Sweet Stables shows its class today earning 153120 and winning 3 races in 41 Starts
Anfield Road shows its class today earning 222284 and winning 0 races in 19 Starts
Carlton Lodge shows its class today earning 198396 and winning 3 races in 10 Starts
Stall Srs Ab shows its class today earning 105340 and winning 1 races in 15 Starts
Ortiz I. Jr is on fire! Ortiz I. Jr rode 17 horses today, crossing the line first 7 times

Category 4: Streaks
The dominance continues. Make it 5 in a row for Flying Domino (KY), the monster horse from Black Ace Stable
Today's win in the 6th race made it 3 wins in a row for Thunder Ruling (FL) of Carlton Lodge
The dominance continues. Make it 8 in a row for El Gran Silver (KY), the monster horse from Black Ace Stable
Pancho Racing Stables consistently sending winners. For the 3rd consecutive day, Pancho Racing Stables sees at least three of its ponies in the winner's circle.

Category 5: Back on the Radar
Friendly Fire Fly (NY) reappears. After a drought of 127 days, Friendly Fire Fly (NY) finds himself back in the winner's circle
Another Brick (KY) reappears. After a drought of 104 days, Another Brick (KY) finds himself back in the winner's circle
Semper Fiddles (KY) reappears. After a drought of 158 days, Semper Fiddles (KY) finds himself back in the winner's circle
Artiste (KY) reappears. After a drought of 100 days, Artiste (KY) finds himself back in the winner's circle

Category 7: Milestones
Toxic State (KY) reaches a milestone, chalking its 20th win
While We Were Talkin (PA) reaches an earnings milestone, now over the 300,000 mark
Disco Inferno (KY) reaches an earnings milestone, now over the 500,000 mark
Thegoodmaid (KY) reaches an earnings milestone, now over the 500,000 mark
Tarynsbrightestar (FL) reaches an earnings milestone, now over the 500,000 mark

Section 2: Yesterday's Winners

StableWinsHorse NameA/SClassDistTimeSpd
Pancho Racing Stables10
Friendly Fire Fly (NY)4CfAlw5f57.2998
Happy Trooper (KY)5HOldT7f1:21.0898
Mischievous Miss (KY)2FfMdSpWt1m1:34.9797
Pancho At His Best (KY)5HOldT7f1:21.3997
Who D Cap Fit (KY)3GUnZipStk1 1/8m1:48.2096
Heart Of A Champion (CA)4FfAlw1 1/2m2:31.4696
Ding Dong Your Gone (FL)4FfAlwS1m1:35.2596
Dchampishere2stay (CA)3CfAlw1m1:35.3195
Semper Fiddles (KY)4FfAlw1 1/8m1:48.3295
Judge Me Not (KY)4GfClm75006f1:08.4895
Black Ace Stable5
Flying Domino (KY)3CSmokeStk4f43.1799
El Gran Silver (KY)3CEddie-G26f1:07.9899
Inside Man (FL)2GfMdC500007f1:20.9697
Ensign Nashua (KY)3CfClm100006f1:08.4495
Lexington Swing (KY)3CfClm100006f1:08.4595
Hitthewrongbutton (KY)3GfClm75006f1:08.6795
Maximumknowledge (KY)3FfClm160007f1:21.7395
Thegoodmaid (KY)3FHenry-G21 1/4m2:02.3895
Sweet Stables3
Space Jam (KY)5HOldT7f1:20.9599
Blinded By The Night (FL)5GOldT7f1:21.5696
Point Betsy (KY)3GfMdC100001m1:35.5095
Julmust (KY)4GfClm50001 3/8m2:16.9299
Berkowitz (KY)3FfAlw1 1/4m2:02.4498
Another Brick (KY)3GfAlw5f57.5297
Carlton Lodge3
Cross Talk (KY)3CfOClm500007f1:21.1396
Angel Of Truth (KY)3FfAlw1m1:35.3895
Thunder Ruling (FL)3FfAlwS1 1/8m1:48.9794
Totoro Stables3
Action Admiral (NY)2FfClm125001 1/8m1:49.0394
Swiss Warlock (PA)2CfMdC100001 1/8m1:49.0094
Raunchy Warlock (NY)2FfMdC100001 1/8m1:49.3692
Double Precision (KY)3GEddie-G26f1:08.0398
Colorful Bet (FL)3FfOpenAlw1m1:35.0896
Foggydan Farms1
Spirit City (KY)3CGrillo-G36f1:08.1697
Creekside Stables1
Global War (KY)2CJumpStk1 1/2m2:31.6193
Bobby Dazzler1
Dare To Flare (KY)6MMcDStk1 3/8m2:16.8897
Stall Srs Ab1
Toxic State (KY)5GOldT7f1:21.2198
Star Of The Desert1
Artiste (KY)5MOldT7f1:21.5896
Worsley Road Farms1
Yokozuna (KY)2CfMdSpWt1 1/4m2:02.5297
And More Racing Stable1
Cognac Parlor (KY)3FfClm250001 3/8m2:18.0694
Flip Farms1
Found And Cute (NY)4FfAlw5f57.2698

Section 3 - Breeding Activity

Horse NameSireDamStableFirst Workout Time
Ace Of Spades (FL)Praying Mantis (PA)Goldensituation (FL)Carlton Lodge1:08.89
Beatles (FL)Enabled Rated (KY)Thunder Alma (FL)Anfield Road1:08.90
Boombastic (KY)DD-Not This Time (KY)DD-Blade of Time (KY)Jake Dog Racing1:08.95
Did I Win (KY)A Thousand Cuts (NY)Colorado Hustle (FL)Dutton Ranch1:09.01
El Salto (KY)Cowboy Fun (KY)Dirty Drinking Water (FL)Carlton Lodge1:08.82
Five Star Quality (PA)All The Fives (PA)Western Quality (PA)Chrisman1:09.00
Goingtogosoon (KY)DD-Sir Prancealot (IRE)DD-Before You Go (CA)Taylorandtaryn1:08.94
Golden Cat (KY)DD-Tabasco Cat (KY)DD-Goldikova (KY)Black Ace Stable1:08.89
Jimmy Cliff (KY)DD-Aloha West (NY)DD-Southern Classic (KY)Anfield Road1:08.89
Moving On (KY)DD-Afleet Alex (KY)DD-Southern Classic (KY)Jake Dog Racing1:08.95
Mungo Jerry (FL)Quick Bisquette (PA)Thunder Alma (FL)Anfield Road1:09.00
Riva Gold (KY)DD-Riva Ridge (KY)DD-Expo Gold (KY)Creekside Stables1:08.83
School Girl (CA)Sunday School (FL)Essential Scissors (CA)Creekside Stables1:08.58
Stone Roses (FL)Purple Moon (CA)Thunder Alma (FL)Anfield Road1:08.98
Strike Out (KY)DD-Air Strike (KY)DD-Before You Go (CA)Creekside Stables1:08.84
Tarynwassorry (PA)Tarynsfullofjoy (NY)Toomanyrocks (KY)Taylorandtaryn1:08.75
Unnamed118936 (KY)DD-Little Mike (KY)DD-Open Fire (KY)Jake Dog Racing1:08.97
Unnamed118940 (FL)Thunder Voltage (FL)Thunder Smile (NY)Black Ace Stable1:08.97
Unnamed118941 (FL)Thunder Blast (FL)Thunder Classic (FL)Black Ace Stable1:08.99
Unnamed118942 (FL)Thunder Dasher (FL)Thunder Damage (FL)Black Ace Stable1:08.93
Unnamed118943 (KY)DD-Bazeerk (KY)DD-Open Fire (KY)Black Ace Stable1:08.89
Unnamed118944 (KY)DD-Doc Amster (KY)DD-Salmon Lake (KY)Tri-City Stables
Unnamed118945 (KY)DD-Doc Amster (KY)DD-Open Fire (KY)Cowboy Way58.05
Unnamed118946 (KY)DD-Coaltown (KY)DD-Expo Gold (KY)Worsley Road Farms1:08.88
Unnamed118947 (KY)A Thousand Cuts (NY)Colorado Hustle (FL)Dutton Ranch1:08.94
Unnamed118948 (KY)A Thousand Cuts (NY)Colorado Hustle (FL)Dutton Ranch1:08.99
Unnamed118952 (KY)DD-Burden (KY)DD-Open Fire (KY)Bobby Dazzler1:08.95
Unnamed118953 (KY)DD-Riva Ridge (KY)DD-La Fleche (CA)Bobby Dazzler1:08.97
Unnamed118956 (FL)Thunder Clover (PA)Thunder Burst (FL)Black Ace Stable1:08.97
Unnamed118957 (FL)Thunder Dasher (FL)Thunder Alma (FL)Anfield Road
Unnamed118958 (FL)Quick Bisquette (PA)Thunder Alma (FL)Anfield Road1:09.03
Unnamed118962 (FL)Zen Storm (FL)Thunder Alma (FL)Anfield Road
Unnamed118965 (KY)DD-Angled Smirk (KY)DD-Some More (PA)Anfield Road1:08.99
Unnamed118966 (KY)DD-Angled Smirk (KY)DD-Some More (PA)Anfield Road1:08.98
Unnamed118967 (KY)DD-Proud Citizen (KY)DD-Chandelier (KY)Black Ace Stable1:08.88
Unnamed118968 (KY)DD-Old TizDD-Chandelier (KY)Donovan Stables1:08.89
Unnamed118969 (KY)DD-Doc Amster (KY)DD-Flying Ship (NY)Black Ace Stable1:09.03
Unnamed118970 (FL)Southern Bull (FL)Sassy New Yawker (FL)Pancho Racing Stables1:08.92
Unnamed118971 (FL)Supersonic Runaway (PA)Tarynsoundedthealarm (NY)Pancho Racing Stables1:08.95
Unnamed118973 (KY)DD-Afleet Alex (KY)DD-La Fleche (CA)Foggydan Farms1:08.89
Unnamed118974 (KY)My Name Is Jobe (CA)Ruffian Ready (PA)Foggydan Farms1:08.88
West Virginia Miner (KY)DD-Coaltown (KY)DD-Flying Ship (NY)Totoro Stables1:08.98

Section 4 - Gone From the Track

Horse NameSexW/P/SEarnings
Army Collector (KY)4F0/1/236440
Beast From Northeast (CA)6M2/4/164090
Berries Galore (KY)6G3/3/7111185
Blue War (NY)2G0/0/00
Deeside (FL)2G0/1/08628
Dmax Adsila (NY)2G0/0/00
E L Figure (FL)2F0/0/00
From The Park (NY)5M1/1/125590
Funny Cake (KY)5G6/2/075703
Go Go Queen (NY)4F2/5/2134018
Go Knicks Go (KY)5G4/3/356989
Hickory Life (FL)4F2/1/045060
Iguana Code (NY)2C0/0/14752
Impulsar (KY)2C0/0/00
Miss Thatcher (KY)2F0/0/00
Mr Brownstone (FL)6G1/1/229064
No Commision Fee (CA)4F3/5/4159848
Noon Justice (CA)6M7/6/5166600
One Arm Bandit (CA)6G2/0/273952
Party Capital (NY)5H1/1/137080
Pigeon Peas (KY)5M3/1/166844
Rainmaker (KY)5M4/2/5140076
Ruff N Ready (KY)6M3/4/4104015
Seguchi Obon (KY)4C3/2/066168
Sharp Blade (NY)3F2/1/130600
Simply Zen (CA)4C2/3/156680
Sinful (NY)2G2/0/021720
Smart Fortune (KY)2G0/1/05760
Some Beats (KY)5M3/3/089873
Sweet Starlet (KY)6G3/4/5116394
Taylorwentwest (KY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed117196 (KY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed117356 (KY)2C0/0/00
Unnamed118725 (KY)2C0/0/00
Unnamed118808 (KY)2C0/0/00
Unnamed118852 (NY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed118920 (KY)2C0/0/00
Unnamed118936 (KY)2C0/0/00
Unnamed118940 (FL)2F0/0/00
Unnamed118941 (FL)2C0/0/00
Unnamed118945 (KY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed118947 (KY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed118952 (KY)2C0/0/00
Unnamed118956 (FL)2F0/0/00
Unnamed118957 (FL)2F0/0/00
Unnamed118958 (FL)2F0/0/00
Unnamed118962 (FL)2C0/0/00
Unnamed118965 (KY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed118966 (KY)2C0/0/00
Unnamed118968 (KY)2F0/0/00
Unnamed118969 (KY)2G0/0/00
Unnamed118973 (KY)2C0/0/00
Unnamed118974 (KY)2C0/0/00

Section 5 - Did You Know?

Stable with most stakes wins during the past 2 months:
1Pancho Racing Stables43
3Sweet Stables24

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