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Section 3 - Breeding Activity

Horse NameSireDamStableFirst Workout Time
Albebay (PA)Albegrey (NY)Andy Ru (PA)Winning Ways1:08.90
Bold And Beautiful (FL)Bold Parlo (KY)Zoomies (FL)Greeko Holdem1:08.97
Bold Win (KY)Bold Parlo (KY)Winning Moon (KY)Greeko Holdem1:09.14
Cannon Fodder (CA)Trafalgar (KY)Rock The Wolfe Aus (CA)Carlton Lodge1:08.80
Crown On The Rocks (FL)Comeoncowboy (NY)Zoomies (FL)Greeko Holdem1:08.95
Eye Patch (CA)Horatio Nelson (KY)Rock The Wolfe Aus (CA)Carlton Lodge
Go Figure (KY)Stick Figure (KY)Material Girl (KY)Creekside Stables1:08.55
Golden Razor (KY)Razor Sharp (KY)Grecian Rock (KY)Black Ace Stable1:08.87
Grecian Rocky (KY)Razor Sharp (KY)Grecian Rock (KY)Black Ace Stable1:08.86
Im Blue (FL)Blue Man Group (KY)Zoomies (FL)Greeko Holdem1:08.95
Miami Dolphin (CA)Tagovailo Dolphin (NY)Rock The Wolfe Aus (CA)Carlton Lodge
Old Town Road (PA)DD-Gulch (KY)DD-Numbered Account (KY)Greeko Holdem1:09.00
One Pair Of Hands (NY)DD-Unbridled (KY)DD-I Am The Queen (KY)Blue Chip Farm57.91
Sharp Rock (KY)Razor Sharp (KY)Grecian Rock (KY)Shiftys1:08.81
Sheanswersthebell (PA)DD-Aloha West (NY)DD-Ivy Bell (KY)Taylorandtaryn1:08.90
Spawn Of Secretariat (CA)DD-Secretariat (KY)DD-Genuine Risk (KY)Prestage Stables1:09.12
Sprinter Is Fine (FL)DD-Carson City (KY)DD-American Gal (KY)Northland1:08.61
Sweet Reaction (FL)Secret Sweets (PA)Chain Reaction (FL)Creekside Stables1:08.65
Tecumseh Thunder (FL)Nemesis Thunder (NY)Tecumseh Caroline (KY)Star Of The Desert1:08.92
The Classic Son (NY)DD-Son of Sam (KY)DD-Classic Wish (KY)Bald Farm Inc1:08.55
Tizzy Diamond (FL)Tizzy Image (KY)Zoomies (FL)Greeko Holdem1:08.92
Tulips (KY)Bold Parlo (KY)Sugar Lips (FL)Greeko Holdem1:08.98
Unnamed134184 (NY)DD-Colin (KY)DD-Rachel Alexandra (KY)Northland1:08.76
Unnamed134185 (KY)DD-Key to the Mint (KY)DD-Relaxing (KY)Northland
Unnamed134186 (PA)DD-Midnight Bourbon (KY)DD-Red Desire (KY)Northland1:08.67
Unnamed134188 (NY)DD-Man O' War (KY)DD-Jasmine (KY)Northland1:08.83
Unnamed134189 (CA)DD-Native Dancer (KY)DD-Coup de Folie (KY)Northland1:08.81
Unnamed134190 (PA)DD-Pientre Celebre (KY)DD-Snow Sprite (KY)Northland
Unnamed134191 (PA)DD-Dark AngelDD-Shenanigans (KY)Northland
Unnamed134195 (KY)Bold Parlo (KY)La Wolf (KY)Greeko Holdem1:09.06
Unnamed134196 (KY)Bold Parlo (KY)Better Class (KY)Greeko Holdem1:09.00
Unnamed134199 (KY)Arctic Thunder (CA)Sugar Lips (FL)Greeko Holdem1:08.99
Unnamed134200 (FL)Arctic Thunder (CA)Zoomies (FL)Greeko Holdem1:08.94
Unnamed134201 (KY)Rock Of Ages (KY)Sugar Lips (FL)Greeko Holdem1:08.98
Unnamed134207 (FL)Ring The Alarm (FL)Zoomies (FL)Greeko Holdem1:08.98
Unnamed134208 (NY)Razor Sharp (KY)Seguchi Joo (NY)Shiftys1:08.89
Unnamed134209 (FL)DD-Affirmed (KY)DD-Beautiful Bells (KY)Shiftys1:08.95
Unnamed134210 (FL)Bold Smarty (KY)Private Party (KY)Black Ace Stable1:08.93
Unnamed134211 (FL)Thunder Big Dog (KY)Toxic Lady (FL)Black Ace Stable1:09.07
Unnamed134213 (FL)Locked Inside (FL)Ms Dark Meshak (KY)Black Ace Stable1:09.04
Unnamed134214 (KY)Bold Grey (KY)Scrambled Eggs (KY)Black Ace Stable1:08.92
Unnamed134215 (FL)DD-Cairo Prince (KY)DD-Diva Delight (KY)Black Ace Stable1:09.01
Unnamed134220 (KY)Bayonetter (PA)Automotion (PA)Digital Downs
Unnamed134221 (NY)DD-Super Saver (KY)DD-La Fleche (CA)Blue Chip Farm21.55
Unnamed134222 (PA)DD-Oriental Magic (KY)DD-Bewitch (KY)Blue Chip Farm21.53
Unnamed134223 (NY)DD-Hennessy (NY)DD-Shy Dawn (KY)Blue Chip Farm21.56
Unnamed134224 (PA)DD-Limit Exceeded (KY)DD-Izzy Kate (KY)Blue Chip Farm21.57
Unnamed134225 (CA)DD-Camelot (GB)DD-Dainty Dotsy (KY)Blue Chip Farm21.60
Unnamed134226 (NY)DD-Harlan's HolidayDD-Skittle Bomb (KY)Blue Chip Farm21.53
Unnamed134227 (FL)DD-Limit Exceeded (KY)DD-Flawlessley (KY)Blue Chip Farm21.68
Unnamed134228 (NY)DD-Citation (KY)DD-Letruska (KY)Blue Chip Farm21.56
Unnamed134229 (NY)DD-Dubawi (IRE)DD-Curvy (KY)Blue Chip Farm21.63
Unnamed134230 (PA)DD-City of Light (KY)DD-Flying Ship (NY)Blue Chip Farm21.57
Unnamed134231 (KY)-Created--Created-Digital Downs44.68
Unnamed134232 (PA)DD-Poseidon's WarriorDD-Prairy Kat (KY)Northland
Unnamed134233 (KY)DD-Improbable (KY)DD-Fall Aspen (KY)Blue Chip Farm21.68
Unnamed134234 (KY)DD-Striped Felon (KY)DD-Forever Sunshine (KY)Blue Chip Farm21.64
Unnamed134235 (CA)DD-My First Grammy (KY)DD-Hollywood Wildcat (KY)Blue Chip Farm21.47
Unnamed134236 (NY)DD-Storm Cat (KY)DD-Crimson Saint (KY)Blue Chip Farm21.48
Unnamed134237 (CA)DD-Graydar (KY)DD-Primonetta (KY)Blue Chip Farm21.57
Unnamed134238 (NY)DD-Colin (KY)DD-Top Flight (KY)Northland
Unnamed134239 (FL)DD-Boston (KY)DD-Thundering Emilia (KY)Northland
Unnamed134240 (KY)DD-Alysheba (KY)DD-Gamine (KY)Northland
Unnamed134241 (FL)DD-Hard Spun (KY)DD-Royal Delta (KY)Northland
Unnamed134242 (PA)DD-Great Notion (KY)DD-Red Sonya (PA)Northland
Unnamed134243 (CA)DD-Equipoise (KY)DD-Susan's GirlNorthland
Unnamed134244 (CA)DD-Monte Carlo (NY)DD-Donworth (KY)Northland
Unnamed134245 (CA)DD-Dramedy (KY)DD-Dayatthespa (KY)Northland
Unnamed134246 (PA)DD-Barbaro (KY)DD-Storm Temple Pilot (KY)Northland1:08.72
Unnamed134248 (KY)DD-Swaps (KY)DD-Enable (KY)Bald Farm Inc1:09.12
Unnamed134249 (NY)DD-Samsonite (KY)DD-Meadow Dance (KY)Bald Farm Inc1:08.81
Unnamed134251 (NY)DD-US Ranger (CA)DD-Ginger Punch (KY)Bald Farm Inc1:08.92
Unnamed134254 (KY)DD-Dialed In (KY)DD-Mom's CommandShiftys1:09.13
Unnamed134255 (NY)Truly One Of A Kind (KY)Vulgar On The Nile (NY)Shiftys1:08.88
Unnamed134256 (PA)DD-Hindoo (KY)DD-Raven's ClawShiftys1:09.19
Unnamed134257 (CA)DD-Mizzen Mast (KY)DD-Flirtacious Kiss (KY)Shiftys1:08.99
Unnamed134258 (PA)DD-Accelerate (KY)DD-Wayward Lass (KY)Winning4201:09.13
Unnamed134259 (PA)DD-Gloria de Campeao (KY)DD-Clap Back (KY)Winning4201:09.10
Unnamed134260 (NY)Big Boy Nyquist (CA)Bourbon On Ice (KY)Winning4201:08.97
Unnamed134261 (NY)Thanksgiving Con (NY)Dancing On Bourbon (NY)Winning4201:09.01
Unnamed134264 (KY)DD-Dark Avenue (CA)DD-Tessa (NY)Creekside Stables1:08.77
Unnamed134265 (FL)DD-Lord Kanaloa (JPN)DD-A Little Bit Me (KY)Creekside Stables
Unnamed134266 (NY)DD-Commando (KY)DD-Jameela (KY)Creekside Stables
Unnamed134267 (CA)DD-Fame and Glory (KY)DD-Smash Hit (KY)Creekside Stables
Unnamed134268 (NY)DD-Crazen (CA)DD-Some More (PA)Creekside Stables
Unnamed134269 (FL)DD-Dark Avenue (CA)DD-Mariah's StormCreekside Stables
Unnamed134273 (KY)Jet Sweep (KY)Crazy Horse (KY)Jake Dog Racing1:08.89
Unnamed134274 (KY)Bazz Supernova (CA)Thunder Pass (FL)Jake Dog Racing1:08.91
Walking High (FL)Woodland Walk (PA)Zoomies (FL)Greeko Holdem1:08.93
War Gift (NY)DD-Declaration of War (KY)DD-Gift of God (KY)Bald Farm Inc1:08.52
Werewolf In Paris (CA)Rhythm And Blues (CA)Rock The Wolfe Aus (CA)Carlton Lodge
Winning Combination (KY)Arctic Thunder (CA)Winning Moon (KY)Greeko Holdem1:08.92