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Section 3 - Breeding Activity

Horse NameSireDamStableFirst Workout Time
Bag Man (NY)Thundering Hooves (NY)Bago Enabled (NY)Star Of The Desert1:08.87
Dynabird (NY)Dynaprince (KY)Bigger Birdie (NY)Chrisman1:08.91
El Grande (KY)El Grand Time (KY)Maximus Star (KY)Bobby Dazzler1:08.92
Marlboro Man (NY)Gimme A Fag (KY)She Is Extreme (NY)Carlton Lodge1:08.89
Mustang Fastback (KY)Dynaprince (KY)Moreperfectresults (FL)Argo Farms1:08.92
Nude Beach (NY)Worldeater (NY)Nudist (NY)Creekside Stables1:08.64
Nudist Resort (NY)Island Resort (FL)Nudist (NY)Creekside Stables1:08.90
Punchless (CA)Weightless (KY)Hawaiian Punch (PA)Star Of The Desert1:09.07
Ride My Bike (NY)Keep Pedalling (KY)Bay Pepper (NY)Carlton Lodge1:08.91
Sound Reflection (NY)Dynaprince (KY)Dynamic Reflections (CA)Chrisman1:08.95
Unnamed125488 (PA)DD-Yeats (KY)DD-November Sun (CA)Tri-City Stables
Unnamed125489 (PA)DD-Star Kingdom (KY)DD-Clap Back (KY)Wrekin Stables1:08.92
Unnamed125490 (CA)DD-Tight Ten (KY)DD-Groupie Doll (KY)Wrekin Stables1:08.80
Unnamed125491 (FL)DD-Happy SaverDD-Parlo (KY)Wrekin Stables1:08.62
Unnamed125492 (CA)DD-Flapjack (KY)DD-Parlo (KY)Wrekin Stables1:08.83
Unnamed125493 (FL)DD-Star Kingdom (KY)DD-Covfefe (KY)Wrekin Stables1:08.77
Unnamed125494 (KY)El Grand Time (KY)Maximus Star (KY)Bobby Dazzler1:08.95
Unnamed125495 (FL)Enabled Rated (KY)Empire Mistress (KY)Anfield Road
Unnamed125496 (PA)Will Scarlett (KY)Backtothewell (PA)Anfield Road
Unnamed125497 (PA)Will Scarlett (KY)She Smokes (CA)Anfield Road
Unnamed125498 (PA)Will Scarlett (KY)So Close But So Far (KY)Anfield Road
Unnamed125499 (PA)Will Scarlett (KY)Tenforthewin (FL)Anfield Road
Unnamed125500 (KY)Will Scarlett (KY)Googly Eyes (KY)Anfield Road
Unnamed125501 (KY)Will Scarlett (KY)Googly Eyes (KY)Anfield Road
Unnamed125502 (NY)Will Scarlett (KY)Pops Legacy (NY)Anfield Road
Unnamed125505 (PA)Weightless (KY)Pegasus Wing (KY)Star Of The Desert1:09.00
Unnamed125507 (CA)Great Point (CA)Madam Secretary (KY)Star Of The Desert1:09.05
Unnamed125513 (KY)Taylorhasthemagic (NY)Angel Of Truth (KY)Carlton Lodge1:08.96
Unnamed125514 (KY)Tagovailo Dolphin (NY)Angel Of Truth (KY)Carlton Lodge1:08.94
Unnamed125516 (PA)DD-Sticky Fingers (KY)DD-Open Mind (KY)Star Of The Desert1:09.02
Whammy Princess (NY)Dynaprince (KY)Double Whammy (KY)Chrisman1:08.84