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Section 3 - Breeding Activity

Horse NameSireDamStableFirst Workout Time
Angry Elf (NY)Dazzling Elf (KY)You Never Guess (CA)Bobby Dazzler1:08.94
Brown CaviarUnmasked (NY)Nanas Jewel (PA)Black Ace Stable1:09.29
Evil Elf (KY)Dazzling Elf (KY)Energuene (NY)Bobby Dazzler1:08.91
Exorcet Missille (FL)Vandyke (NY)Jane Dough (PA)Carlton Lodge1:09.16
For PegChrome Pegasus (PA)Forbay (NY)Flip Farms1:08.95
Found Some Treasure (FL)DD-Treasure Beach (GB)DD-Lady's IslandRunaway Stable1:08.69
Lady SamVindictive Sam (NY)Lady Kantharos (PA)Flip Farms1:08.96
Making AmendsMaximus Meridious (CA)Not Sorry (CA)Foggydan Farms1:08.80
Moe Says Curlys Evil (NY)Moe Not Curly (NY)Miss Evil (CA)Winning4201:09.09
Notmuchmoneyhere (PA)Goingforthemoney (NY)Danwouldnotbother (PA)Taylorandtaryn1:09.08
Party Up In Here (PA)Virtual King Bd (PA)Bold Stride (NY)Runaway Stable1:08.99
Rock The Wolfe Aus (CA)DD-Treasure Beach (GB)DD-Rachel Alexandra (KY)Carlton Lodge1:09.00
Ship Ahoy (CA)DD-Royal Navy (KY)DD-Satsuma (KY)Carlton Lodge1:09.10
Slower Than Turtles (PA)DD-Lexington (KY)DD-Clap Back (KY)Tri-City Stables1:09.02
Taryncanaccerate (NY)Tarynsfullofjoy (NY)Shelikestoaccerate (KY)Taylorandtaryn1:08.57
Thunder Brave (CA)Bold Lightning (FL)Bold Magic Trick (FL)Black Ace Stable1:09.08
Unnamed102173My Dixie Palace (FL)Constitutions Folie (NY)Winning4201:09.15
Unnamed102183Virtual King Bd (PA)First Born (NY)Pancho Racing Stables1:08.99
Unnamed102188Restore The Order (FL)Hallowed Ground (NY)Foggydan Farms1:08.84
Unnamed102190DD-Notebook (KY)DD-Forgiven (KY)Flip Farms1:08.98
Unnamed102192Penny Candys (FL)Southern Fed (FL)Black Ace Stable1:09.00
Unnamed102193Bold Lightning (FL)First Lady Jill (FL)Black Ace Stable1:09.04
Unnamed102194Chrome Pegasus (PA)Da Ruff (KY)Flip Farms1:09.05
Unnamed102195Chrome Pegasus (PA)Magical Discovery (PA)Flip Farms1:09.01
Unnamed102196Chrome Pegasus (PA)Hallowed JoyFlip Farms1:09.08
Unnamed102199DD-Treasure Beach (GB)DD-Estate (KY)Goof Troop1:08.92
Unnamed102200Orange Meringue Pie (PA)Pepermint Schnapps (PA)Sweet Stables1:09.10
Waitedforthespeed (FL)Waitingforten (FL)Shelikestoaccerate (KY)Taylorandtaryn1:08.86
WegotadumbtrainerStevewasaclassic (CA)Shelikestoaccerate (KY)Taylorandtaryn1:08.82