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Current Series Events

Handicap Series Racing Overview

The handicap allowance series is a set of races that will award points to participating horses towards a monthly handicap allowance final race. The top 10 horses in the point standings will compete in the month end Handicap Allowance Series Final. There will be a 400,000 bonus credit purse. Eligibility requires that a horse must first run in any claiming race of 30,000 or less at least once. This is a weight allowance series. Horses will gain 2 pounds per win and drop 1 pound per non win. These adjustments will be applied to the next handicap allowance race.

Create Challenge Series

The Create Challenge series is a set of races intended for create horses that have limited chance of accumulating enough points for the standard site championships. This series will award points to participating horses towards an end of season Create Challenge final race. The top 10 horses in the point standings will compete in the season end Create Challenge Series Final. There will be a 200,000 credit purse and 100,000 bonus credits. Eligibility requires that a horse must first run in any qualifying race earning points based on order of finish in respective races. You may run in as many qualifier races as you would like. There will be a race on each surface type and you may only race a final race at 1 surface. It is advised to pick a surface and stick with that surface for the duration of the event. There will be consolation races for the next 10 horses outside looking in. Scroll down to find your series races

Race Date Track Distance Surface Race Type
06/30/2022 Belmont DD 1m = 1600m Dirt Fast Old Town Meet 5yo+
Purse 62000  5yo and up Colts and Fillies Wt colts 124lbs, fillies 122lbs    Min entries: 5   
Max gate: 10       Split : No   

Scheduled series lead-up races: 23May22-15, 27May22-15, 31May22-15

Current Series Points Table:
Rank Horse Stable Points
1 The Doctor Orders (KY) Pancho Racing Stables 24
2 Dont Follow Rumors (CA) Pancho Racing Stables 22
3 Ruff N Ready (KY) Sweet Stables 19
4 Dry Cry (CA) Pancho Racing Stables 18
5 Arrogant Caballo (NY) Sweet Stables 18
6 Smokin Cigars (CA) Sweet Stables 18
7 Sea Of Diamonds (KY) Donovan Stables 18
8 Magic Smokes (KY) Sweet Stables 13
9 On Bended Knees (KY) Pancho Racing Stables 12
10 The Big Shawi (CA) Sweet Stables 12
11 Noon Justice (CA) Sweet Stables 12
12 Echo Of My Heart (KY) And More Racing Stable 11
13 Berries Galore (KY) Sweet Stables 11
14 Shy Sky (PA) Florida Farms 9
15 Michael Myers (PA) Carlton Lodge 9
16 Colorado Hustle (FL) And More Racing Stable 9
17 Nemesis Thunder (NY) Carlton Lodge 9
18 Xscootinx (KY) And More Racing Stable 8
19 Dbone (FL) Stall Srs Ab 8
20 Moon Bridge (PA) Pancho Racing Stables 8
21 Cowboys Empire (NY) Stall Srs Ab 8
22 Check Raise Allin (KY) And More Racing Stable 8
23 Mistle Toe (KY) And More Racing Stable 7
24 Ballistic Missle (CA) And More Racing Stable 7
25 Skys Jersey (NY) And More Racing Stable 7
26 Cranberry Links (CA) Sweet Stables 6
27 Groovy Mover (PA) Stall Srs Ab 6
28 Allaboutthebenjamins (NY) Star Of The Desert 6
29 Secret Shopper (KY) And More Racing Stable 6
30 Lost All Love (NY) Goof Troop 6
31 Raging Rex (NY) Pancho Racing Stables 5
32 Whitewater Way (KY) Donovan Stables 5
33 Rooster Jones (FL) Stall Srs Ab 5
34 Warm Cuban (NY) Sweet Stables 4
35 Choc Full O Nuts (KY) Stall Srs Ab 4
36 H20 (KY) Stall Srs Ab 4
37 Chocolate Fudge (FL) Creekside Stables 4
38 Much Fun (NY) Chrisman 3
39 I Dont No Why (KY) Pancho Racing Stables 3
40 Windy Day (NY) Chrisman 3
41 Hillbilly Hustler (NY) Pancho Racing Stables 3
42 You Bet I Am Vulgar (NY) Star Of The Desert 3
43 Dark Moon Rising (PA) Stall Srs Ab 3
44 Diplomat (KY) Extreme Studs 3
45 Sinful Slur (FL) Creekside Stables 3
46 Infinite Aces Goof Troop 3
47 Mischief Maker Creekside Stables 3
48 Fun Fun Fun (NY) Pancho Racing Stables 2
49 Golden Rocket (NY) Stall Srs Ab 2
50 Princess Echo (KY) Extreme Studs 2
51 Win The Shake (KY) Stall Srs Ab 2
52 Quality Assured (FL) Creekside Stables 2
53 Nuts To You (KY) Sweet Stables 1
54 Star Of Pancho (CA) Pancho Racing Stables 1
55 Cookie Rush (NY) Sweet Stables 1
56 Skys Raven (KY) Pancho Racing Stables 1
57 Brown Filly (FL) Pancho Racing Stables 1
58 Kindest Regards (CA) Sweet Stables 1
59 Tiz Peebles Bd (KY) Bobby Dazzler 1
60 Cowboys Secret (NY) Pancho Racing Stables 1
61 Warped Illusion (CA) Sweet Stables 1
62 Hometown Honey Goof Troop 1

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